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Performance Enhancement Grants

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PEGS are available to athletes and teams within PEGS Qualifying Sports who achieve the agreed performance standards in PEGS Qualifying Events.

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High Performance Sport New Zealand (HPSNZ) is a subsidiary of Crown Agency Sport New Zealand and was established in 2011 to lead the high performance sport system in New Zealand.


The aim of the Performance Enhancement Grants  (PEGs) programme is to provide our targeted athletes and teams with direct financial support to enable them to train fulltime, in order to maximise their international performance.

Projects funded


Individuals up to $60,000 Teams up to $35,000

Activities funded


Funds available

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Upper limit per grant application

Individuals up to $60,000 Teams up to $35,000

Grants made last year

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Funds available last year

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How to apply

Step 1: NSOs, from which athletes are eligible to seek PEGs, must be designated by HPSNZ to be PEGs Qualifying Sports.

Step 2: The athletes and teams from each PEGs Qualifying Sport, who may be considered for PEGs, must be eligible.

Step 3: The PEGs Qualifying Sports agree with HPSNZ on the PEGs Qualifying Events and Agreed Performance Standards.

Step 4: After the PEGs Qualifying Events, the PEGs Qualifying Sport nominates specific athletes and teams to HPSNZ to consider granting PEGs to them.

Step 5: HPSNZ then assesses the performances of the athletes and teams against the Agreed Performance Standards at the PEGs Qualifying Event and decides whether or not to grant PEGs.

Step 6: HPSNZ makes payments via the PEGs Qualifying Sport to the athlete(s) and teams who were granted PEGs (PEGs recipients).

Step 7: PEGs recipients and PEGs Qualifying Sports must comply with the terms and conditions associated with being a PEGs recipient and the granting of PEGs.

PEGs Qualifying Sports must nominate eligible athletes using the PEGs Nomination Form which can be assessed from the website link provided below.

Information required with your application

As set out in the Nomination Form

Decision makers

The final decision at the sole discretion of HPSNZ.

Decision time

All PEGs nominations will be considered with any contentious nominations referred to a moderation panel within HPSNZ.

How notified

In writing.

How paid

PEGs will be paid by HPSNZ to the NSO of the PEGS Qualifying Sport on a monthly basis.

Other information

Performance Enhancement Grants:


Performance Enhancement Grants
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