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TSB Community Trust - Capital Grants

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Eligible districts

Taranaki region - Southern boundary is the Manawapou River, the Northern Boundary is Mokau and the eastern boundary is slightly east of Tahora.


If your organisation is one of the following you may eligible to apply -
• not for profit community or regional organisations
• not for profit early childhood organisations, Kindergartens, Kōhanga Reo, Kura Kaupapa Māori and Primary, Intremediate and Secondary Schools.

Check your eligibility:
• Visit the Trust’s website the eligibility quiz and read the Eligibility Criteria Policy. If you are not sure contact the Trust.
• Check that your project/ activity is eligible - read this document to confirm what the Trust funds. If you wish to discuss contact the Trust before making an application.

The Trust may consider applications from eligible organisations which demonstrate that they contribute towards positive outcomes in the following Areas:
• learning
• recreation and sport
• health and rescue services
• community wellbeing
• arts, culture and heritage
• environment

Available to groups or individuals?

Groups may apply


The TSB Community Trust was established as a charitable trust in 1988.  Each year the Trust receives a dividend from its assets, including the TSB Bank Ltd, that it can apply towards supporting towards charitable, cultural, philanthropic, recreational and other purposes beneficial to the community within the Trust's specified area. The Trust offers a range of grants to eligible community organisations and individuals. 


To be a champion of positive opportunities and an agent of beneficial change for Taranaki and its people now and in the future.
Kia tū hei kaihāpai ki te whakatairanga i ngā kōwhiringa, ā, hei kaiwhakawhanake i ngā iwi o Taranaki ki ānamata.
With a focus on Child and Youth Wellbeing.

Projects funded

Capital Grants provide support towards the purchase or maintenance of capital assets.

Activities funded

(for example) facilities, IT equipment, uniforms, vehicles or other equipment) for organisations that meet the Trust's eligibility criteria and have core objectives that align with at least one of the Trust's Funding areas.

Funds available

Information not available

Upper limit per grant application

up to $100,000 E.O.I for over $100,000

Grants made last year

Information not available

Funds available last year

Information not available

How to apply

Grants Under $100,000 may be applied for anytime.. Note: it can take 8-12 weeks to get a response (excluding Individual Grants) - so apply ahead as the Trust does not fund activities that have already happened. 
Grants Over $100,000 are considered once a year only.  If your organisation is planning a regionally significant project, programme or event and you are considering submitting an application for funding to TSB Community Trust,  you must  submit an Expression of Interest (EOI). 

NOTE: Our online application portal will function in the following browsers - Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Internet Explorer 11+
Check Your Eligibility and Register for an Account
1. Before completing an online application for the first time you must register - go to our Apply Here page.
2. Complete the eligibility quiz questions - then (if eligible) select the ‘Organisation’ option if you are applying for an AnnualCapital or Programme and Event Grant on behalf of your organisation, or select the ‘Individual’ registration option if you are applying for an Individual Grant.
3. Complete the online registration form - this includes entering your basic contact information and individual/ organisation details.
4. On receipt of your registration request you will be sent an email to confirm your username and password and activate your account, to the email address you have entered
5. Please allow up to ten working days to receive your registration notification from the Trust.
6. You/ your organisation will only ever need to register once. We suggest that you complete this step as early as possible, so that when you are ready to apply, your account is set up.
7. Once you have activated your account with us and have received your username and password you can log in at
NOTE: Your username and password is unique to you and the email address you registered. If you need to update the primary contact person or change email address or password details you can do this in the application portal under ‘Users’.

Complete Your Application
1. On the ‘Home’ page of the online application portal you will have access to all the application forms to begin your application.
2. Work your way through the online application form, answering all questions as you go.
3. Documents required as part of your application can be uploaded directly into the portal.
4. There is also an option to save your application part way through and finish it at a later time.
5. Once your application is complete you must submit it online.

Capital Grants may be granted once every two years without affecting eligibility to apply for an Operational or Programme and Event Grant.

Information required with your application

If you are a newly formed organisation (1-12months old), please attach the following information:
• your organisation's Trust deed, Constitution or Rules
• budget showing projected income and expenditure for group for a minimum of one year
• copy of most recent signed meeting minutes
• minuted resolution to apply for this funding

If your organisation/group has been in existence for more than one year (including first time applicants), please attach the following documentation:
• a copy of your organisation's Trust Deed, Constitution or Rules (if they have been amended since your last application or if you are a first time applicant.
• annual report and/or Chair's report
• AGM minutes
• financial statements (that have been audited/reviewed or signed by an independent person)
• minuted resolution applying for this funding

Note: Schools - please attach most recent Board of Trustee meeting minutes, Principal’s report and audited Financial Statements.

Additional information is required, this is specified on the application form.

Decision makers

Trustees of the TSB Community Trust

Decision time

• when assessing a grant the Trust considers things like population served, membership, roll numbers, ability to access and raise other funds, community access and community contribution, and socio-economic factors.

• for larger organisations the Trust may ask you to identify outcomes, which can be measured and monitored. In such cases, these will be agreed with your organisation prior to the grant being made - so this means you will need to be able to clearly state what you want to achieve and why, how you are going to do it and how you intend to track the results you are making.

How notified

In writing

How paid

Direct Credit

Conditions of acceptance

Depending on the activity funded and level of funding an Outcome or Accountability report may be required as part of the grant conditions. Refer to your grant letter for details.


TSB Community Trust
PO Box 667
New Plymouth 4340