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Albert-Eden Local Grant

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Eligible districts



We prioritise grants for community organisations.
Individuals and groups with no formal legal structure

Individuals and groups with no formal legal structure may apply for grants up to $10,000 through the local grants programme.
These applicants would need to either:

• nominate an umbrella organisation which has agreed to receive and administer the grant on their behalf – the umbrella organisation would be legally accountable to Auckland Council for the expenditure of the grant
• apply to have the funding released retrospectively i.e. as reimbursement for pre-approved expenses after the project or activity has been completed
• commercial entities – e.g. Limited Liability Companies - may apply for grants in certain circumstances, to be determined by the local board
• projects, events or initiatives proposed by commercial entities would need to clearly and directly benefit the wider community.

Available to groups or individuals?

Groups or individuals may apply


The Albert-Eden Local Board Local grants programme provides contestable community grants to local communities and organisations.


Our grants programme will be targeted towards supporting the following outcomes, as outlined in our local board plan.
• proud, connected and secure communities.
• a better and bigger range of recreational experiences
• a community that values its environment
• our heritage is cherished and protected.

Projects funded

• Arts • Community • Environment • Events • Heritage • Sport and Recreation

Our funding priorities:

• our people feel safe and participate in their communities
• young people have a place and a voice
• innovative and exciting arts and events build our identity
• our diverse communities can participate fully in the future of our area
• more opportunities for more people to enjoy our parks and reserves
• our community lives in more sustainable ways and reduces its environmental impact
• our streams, beaches, coastline and maunga are cared for and provide recreational, cultural and environmental benefits
• seed-funding for community-led projects and activities
• projects that involve community volunteers
• community garden initiatives
• events

Lower priorities:

• commercial entities and promotion of commercial entities
• ticketed events
• activities that primarily benefit communities outside the Albert-Eden Local Board area
• activities that primarily benefit a third party (e.g. activity to gain money for an organisation)
• grants to support the purchase of, or maintenance associated with motor vehicles
• wages or operational costs

Excluded projects

• debt servicing or repayment
• legal expenses
• activities that promote religious ministry or political purposes
• medical expenses
• expenses related to liquor licenses
• public services that are the responsibility of central government (e.g. core education, primary health care)
• physical works e.g. improvements to community buildings – that require consents or permits, prior to the necessary consents or permits being obtained (grants maybe awarded in principle, but funds will not be released until all conditions are satisfied)
• purchase of alcohol

Activities funded

Arts, culture and events:
   • arts and cultural groups
   • umbrella groups representing different art-forms
   • sector development organisations Non-council-owned arts and cultural facilities
   • community arts education and activities
   • public art
   • professional performing arts groups / companies Professional event organisers delivering community events      
   • community-led events and festivals

Community development:
   • community support groups
   • neighbourhood and resident groups
   • representative and advocacy bodies serving ethnic, cultural and special interest communities
   • sector development organisations
   • community programmes and activities
   • community safety organisations (e.g. Wardens)
   • health and wellbeing initiatives (e.g. family violence or suicide prevention)

Environment and natural heritage:
   • Auckland-based advocacy and sector development organisations
   • environmental groups and projects
   • environmental education, including schools-based programmes
   • biodiversity protection / ecological restoration work by individuals, groups and businesses on public or private land
   • identification and stewardship/kaitiakitanga of our natural heritage places by mana whenua and iwi groups
   • sustainable living initiatives and resources Facilities (e.g. environment centres, tree nurseries)

Historic heritage:
   • conservation of significant built heritage by individuals, groups or businesses
   • identification and stewardship/kaitiakitanga of historic sites, structures, places, areas and archaeological sites of cultural and spiritual significance to mana whenua and iwi groups
   • enabling community access to privately owned heritage sites
   • heritage education and interpretation
   • conservation and practice of cultural heritage

Sport and recreation:
  • advocacy organisations promoting active lifestyles
  • sport and active recreation providers, programmes and events
  • sports code governing bodies / umbrella organisations
  • improving use of / access to recreational and open spaces

Excluded activities

In addition to the eligibility criteria outlined the Community grants policy, we will not fund applications towards alcohol or liquor licences.

Funds available


Upper limit per grant application

$4,000 - $10,000

Grants made last year

Information not available

Funds available last year

Information not available

How to apply

Applications open from 20 July 2020 to 28 August 2020
Apply Now

When you apply for this grant, your project must align with Albert-Eden Local Grant outcomes and funding priorities 2019/2020.

Information required with your application

• applicant contact details
• applicant status and previous support from Auckland Council
• project/activity information
• project/activity budget
• project/activity summary
• umbrella organisation details
• declaration, privacy and checklist

Decision makers

Albert-Eden Local Board Committee

How notified

We will contact you by email to let you know the result of your application.

How paid

Direct Credit

Conditions of acceptance

Accountability measures

We request that all successful grants applicants and recipients of both contestable and discretionary grants provide the following:

• photos of the activity are to be provided to the local board
• invitation to the activity to be extended to the local board
• speaking opportunity for local board delegate at any event, function, project launch or opening funded
• inclusion of local board logo on advertising and display of local board branding at events
• reference to local board funding in any media releases or other communication to the public.

Other local grants programme provisions

Accommodation support fund criteria:
Community groups and organisation applying for our Accommodation support fund need to consider the following criteria:

• applicants need to be a community organisation, as outlined in the Community Grants Policy
• evidence of the accommodation costs are provided
• the organisation is not the leaseholder of an Auckland Council community lease or community occupancy agreement
• if the applicant is requesting a grant for a venue that has an Auckland Council community lease or community occupancy agreement, the council’s approval for the sub-lease or hireage needs to be verified by the applicant.
• the application cannot be for hireage costs of a council managed venue or externally managed council facility
• the organisation is located in the local board area and primarily benefits the residents of the Albert-Eden local board area.
• the organisation has been operating for a full financial year prior to the application date.
• the organisation has provided its last full year financial statements and/or audited accounts.
• the application is not for religious ministry activities
• the organisation is not a political party or the grant requested is not for the purposes of a political party

Multi-board funding:

We will consider multi-board funding applications on a case-by-case basis. The applicant will need to clearly demonstrate how the proposal benefits people and communities in the Albert-Eden area.

Discretionary funding:

In addition to our contestable grants schemes, we also provide fund discretionary grants toward strategic projects, initiatives or events that align with the priorities of our local grants programme. These grants are allocated through the local board’s portfolio work programmes and administered by the relevant departments.

Other information

Who can't apply?

• Political parties
• Internal Auckland Council applicants
• Auckland Council CCO's (council controlled organisations) including facilities run by Regional Facilities Auckland Council
• Organisations receiving statutory funding through compulsory annual levies under the Auckland Regional Amenities Funding Act
• Other local authorities, government agencies or public sector entities



Jaimee Wieland
Community Grants Coordinator
Auckland Council
Private Bag 92300
Auckland 1142
Phone: (09) 301 0101