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Howick Local Grant

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Howick - Auckland


We prioritise grants for community organisations.

Individuals and groups with no formal legal structure may apply for grants from $2,000 and above through the local grants programme. These applicants would need to either:

• nominate an umbrella organisation which has agreed to receive and administer the grant on their behalf – the umbrella organisation would be legally accountable to Auckland Council for the expenditure of the grant
• apply to have the funding released retrospectively i.e. as reimbursement for pre-approved expenses after the project or activity has been completed
• commercial entities – e.g. Limited Liability Companies - may apply for grants in certain circumstances, to be determined by the local board
• projects, events or initiatives proposed by commercial entities would need to clearly and directly benefit the wider community.

Available to groups or individuals?

Groups or individuals may apply


Our grants programme will be targeted towards supporting the following outcomes, as outlined in our local board plan:

• an involved and connected community
• Howick's future growth is managed effectively
• we all treasure and enjoy our environment
• our community is active and healthy
• a prosperous local economy

Projects funded

• arts
• community
• environment
• events
• heritage
• sport and recreation

Our priorities for grants:

The Howick Local Board welcomes grant applications that align with the following local board plan priorities:

• priority one: people are supported to lead and develop projects and create opportunities for young people
• priority two: share and celebrate our culture through events
• priority three: grow our arts, culture and music
• priority four: ensuring our natural and built environment and coastline are well-managed
• priority five: protection of identified geological and archaeological sites and important local heritage sties
• priority six: increased participation of people in sport, leisure and recreation activities

Lower Priorities:

We will also consider applications for other services, projects, events and activities. However, these may be considered a lower priority.

The Howick Local Board has identified the following activities as lower priorities:
• activities or events with less than 50% of the project costs from other sources
• fundraising events or activities, unless the activity or event has a wider community benefit beyond its primary purpose as a fundraiser.
• ongoing operational costs including wages and salaries, with the exception of fees for professional services

In addition to the eligibility criteria outlined the Community Grants Policy, the Howick Local Board will not fund:
• exclusion one: gratuity for volunteers eg petrol vouchers

Excluded projects

The following activity costs listed in the Community Grants Policy are not eligible for funding:

• debt servicing or repayment
• legal expenses
• activities that promote religious ministry or political purposes
• medical expenses
• public services that are the responsibility of central government (core education, primary health care)
• physical works that require consents or permits prior to the necessary consents or permits being obtained (grants may be awarded in principle)
• purchase of alcohol.

Activities funded

Refer to Application Guidelines

Funds available

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Grants made last year

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Funds available last year

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How to apply

Applications open from 20 July 2020 to 28 August 2020
Apply Now

• paper applications are no longer accepted.
Please visit Howick Local Grant page.

Information required with your application

As set out in the online application form.

Decision makers

Howick Local Board

How notified

We will contact you by email to let you know the result of your application.

How paid

Direct Credit

Conditions of acceptance

The Howick Local Board requires recipients of a local grant to report back to the local board on their project or event.

Other information

When you apply for this grant, your project must align with 
Howick Local Grant outcomes and funding priorities 2018-2019.

Who can't apply?

• political parties
• internal Auckland Council applicants
• Auckland Council CCO's (council controlled organisations) including facilities run by Regional Facilities Auckland Council
• organisations receiving statutory funding through compulsory annual levies under the Auckland Regional Amenities Funding Act •Other local authorities, government agencies or public sector entities

Visit Howick Local Grant funding page.


Sara Chin
Community Grants Coordinator
Auckland Council
Private Bag 92300
Auckland 1142
Phone: 09 301 0101