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Orākei Local Grant

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Eligible districts



Individuals and groups with no formal legal structure

Individuals and organisations with no formal legal structure are eligible to apply to the local grants programmes.

For grants up to a $1000 threshold there is no difference in the funding process.

If a grant is above the threshold level individuals and organisations with no formal legal structure would need to either:
• agree to have the grant paid retrospectively (see section 72 of the policy) or
• nominate an “umbrella” organisation which has agreed to receive and administer the grant on their behalf.

Assessment criteria for local grants-
All eligible applications will be assessed against:
• the local board priorities
• Auckland Council priorities e.g. see link to the events policy, Auckland Council Events Policy.pdf
• council community grant principles including valuing Te Ao Māori, innovation and collaboration
• project budget and financial information supplied
• project outcomes and benefits to local board area
• ability of the group or individual to deliver the activity and alignment with council accepted best practice
• collaboration or engagement with the community, where appropriate
• other factors outlined in the local board grants programme.

Available to groups or individuals?

Groups or individuals may apply


Orākei Local Board Local Grants Programme 2015/16.

Our local Grants Programme aims to provide contestable and discretionary community grants to local communities.


The Board notes that the budgets available for its grant schemes is dependent on distribution of existing regional and joint committee grant scheme budgets as per the Auckland Council Local Board Funding Policy still to be confirmed. (Refer to Application Guidelines for further information)

Projects funded

• arts
• community
• environment
• events
• heritage
• sport and recreation

Our priorities for grants:
The Orākei Local Board welcomes grant applications that align with the following local board plan priorities:
• enabling residents and community groups to have a voice
• community-led projects and activities
• first world war commemoration projects and events
• local arts and culture programmes
• events in our people friendly town centres for both locals and visitors
• community safety
• historical and cultural recognition
• protecting our built and cultural heritage and character areas.
• protecting ecologically significant coastal areas, other natural habitats and waterways
• an active and healthy local community
• programmes that support the demographic makeup of the area.

Lower Priorities:
We will also consider applications for other services, projects, events and activities. However, these may be considered a lower priority.
• commercial entities and promotion of commercial entities
• ticketed events
• activities or events that benefit communities outside the Orākei Local Board area
• events and activities that are not locally specific
• wages, salaries or operational costs, except where professional advice is required beyond the expertise of the applicant, i.e. planning, engineering fees

Excluded projects

Activities we don't fund:
• debt servicing or repayment
• legal expenses
• activities that promote religious ministry or political purposes
• medical expenses
• public services that are the responsibility of central government (e.g. core education, primary health care)
• physical works (e.g. improvements to community buildings) that require consents or permits, prior to the necessary consents or permits being obtained (grants maybe awarded in principle, but funds will not be released until all conditions are satisfied)
• purchase of alcohol
• wages or operational costs, except where professional advice is required beyond the expertise of the applicant, i.e. planning, engineering
• applications for liquor licenses
• costs associated with legal action against the applicant
• purchase of vehicles (other significant asset purchases may also be declined)

Funds available

Information not available

Upper limit per grant application

$3,000 - $10,000

Grants made last year

Information not available

Funds available last year

Information not available

How to apply

Applications open from 29 June 2020 to 07 August 2020
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When you apply for this grant, your project must align with Ōrākei Local Grant outcomes and funding priorities 2019/2020.

Information required with your application

As set out in the Online Application Form.

Decision makers

Orākei Local Board.

How notified

We will contact you by email to let you know the result of your application.

How paid

Direct credit.

Conditions of acceptance

The Orākei Local Board requires that all successful applicants to:
• acknowledge the Orākei Local Board's support with the inclusion of the Board's logo on advertising and promotional material in relation to the recipient and the purpose including print advertising and posters, newsletters, websites and banners; the Orākei Local Board's name and logo to be in accordance with Council's brand guidelines.
• send copies of promotional material to Orākei Local Board and the Community Funding Advisor.
• acknowledge the Orākei Local Board as a supporter, whereever possible, in press conferences, news releases, speeches, launches, articles sent to any publications, magazines, editorial and annual reports.
• advise the Orākei Local Board about any marketing and promotional opportunities for the Orākei Local Board to promote its role as a supporter of the recipient.
• extend to the members of the Orākei Local Board an invitation to the funded project, programme, activity or event.

Other information

Who can't apply?
• Political parties
• Internal Auckland Council applicants
• Auckland Council CCO's (council controlled organisations) including facilities run by Regional Facilities Auckland Council
• Organisations receiving statutory funding through compulsory annual levies under the Auckland Regional Amenities Funding Act
• Other local authorities, government agencies or public sector entities


Marion Davies
Community Grants Operations Manager
Auckland Council
Private Bag 92300
Auckland 1142
Phone: (09) 301 0101