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Upper Harbour Local Grant

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Eligible districts

Upper Harbour


Criteria and eligibility for grants

The following criteria apply to these grants:
• applicants must be, or umbrellaed by, a charitable trust or incorporated society, have been registered for at least 12 months at the time of submitting the application, and be operating under an adopted constitution/deed.
• initiatives must fit with at least one of the board’s priorities as stipulated in the Upper Harbour Local Board Plan. (See the plan here)
• initiatives must take place in, or mostly within, the Upper Harbour Local Board area and be of benefit to Upper Harbour Local Board residents.
• initiatives must not be a core service provided by central government (e.g. primary healthcare or education).
• initiatives must not have already taken place before the board has the opportunity to consider the application (unless the board accepts there are genuine mitigating circumstances).
• activities of debt repayment and promoting particular political goals are ineligible for funding
• schools and churches will only be funded if there is a significant community benefit.
• applicants must not have failed to meet accountability obligations from previous Council grants
• legal costs, salaries and wages are deemed to be a low priority for funding.

Available to groups or individuals?

Groups or individuals may apply


Our Local Grants Programme aims to provide contestable and discretionary community grants to local communities.


Our grants programme will be targeted towards supporting the following outcomes, as outlined in our local board plan:
• A healthy, active community that values its sport, arts, culture and recreation facilities
• A protected natural environment
• Accountable and transparent reporting.

Projects funded

• Arts
• Community
• Environment
• Events
• Heritage
• Sport and Recreation

Our priorities for contestable grants

The Upper Harbour Local Board welcomes grant applications that align with the local board plan priorities. All applications will be measured on their merits and consideration will be given to initiatives that:
• Focus on one or more of the following priority areas, in no particular order of priority:
   - Sports or recreation
   - Youth
   - Families
   - Migrants
   - The environment
   - Community participation and wellbeing.
• Encourage participation or volunteering.
• Are innovative.
• Are high impact and provide good value for money.
• Improve an existing facility or service provision.

Excluded projects

Activities we don't fund

• Debt servicing or repayment
• Legal expenses
• Activities that promote religious ministry or political purposes
• Medical expenses
• Public services that are the responsibility of central government (e.g. core education, primary health care)
• Physical works (e.g. improvements to community buildings) that require consents or permits, prior to the necessary consents or permits being obtained (grants maybe awarded in principle, but funds will not be released until all conditions are satisfied)
• Purchase of alcohol.

Activities funded

Activities we do fund

• Initiatives must fit with at least one of the board’s priorities as stipulated in the Upper Harbour Local Board Plan
• Initiatives must take place in, or mostly within, the Upper Harbour Local Board area and be of benefit to Upper Harbour Local Board residents.

Funds available

Information not available

Upper limit per grant application

$2,000 +

Grants made last year

Information not available

Funds available last year

Information not available

How to apply

Applications open from 13 July 2020 to 21 August 2020
Apply Now

Please visit Upper Harbour Local Grant page.

Information required with your application

As set out in the online application form.

Decision makers

Upper Harbour Local Board

How notified

Once funding has been approved, all successful applicants will receive an email notification.

• Quick response grants will be paid within 10 days of receiving the notification email.
• Local grant applicants will receive a funding agreement. This is a formal document which outlines the conditions of the grant and the amount the grant is for. The funding agreement will also outline the accountability reporting requirements.
• Where the local board has only one grant type, the local grant process will apply.

How paid

Direct Credit

Conditions of acceptance

In order to ensure that the Upper Harbour Local Board grant achieves positive results, recipients will be obligated to provide evidence that the assistance has been used for the agreed purpose and stated outcomes have been achieved. Obligations will be outlined in a funding agreement that the applicant will be required to enter into.

The following accoutability measures are required:
• The completion and submission of accountability forms (including receipts), proving that grants have been used for the right purpose.
• Any grant money that is unspent and not used for the project must be returned to the Upper Harbour Local Board.
• Recognition of the Upper Harbour Local Board's support of your initiative (e.g. using the Upper Harbour Local Board logo on promotional material).

Other information

Who can't apply?

• Political parties
• Internal Auckland Council applicants
• Auckland Council CCO's (council controlled organisations) including facilities run by Regional Facilities Auckland Council
• Organisations receiving statutory funding through compulsory annual levies under the Auckland Regional Amenities Funding Act
• Other local authorities, government agencies or public sector entities


Caroline Teh
Community Grants Coordinator
Auckland Council
Private Bag 92300
Auckland 1142
Phone: (09) 301 0101