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ORA (Opportunity to Realise your Aspirations) Investment

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For this funding round, Te Pūtahitanga is looking predominantly for initiatives that are ready for funding and ready to go. The following are the broad range of criteria for funding proposals:
• Whānau-Centred – As a Whānau Ora Commissioning Agency, Te Pūtahitanga recognises that whānau are essential to everything that it does. Whānau must be central to your initiative.
• Legal Entity – It is looking for initiatives that have a non-personal legal entity (i.e. a Trust, Incorporated Society or Company), or who are able to be supported by a legal entity.
• Financially Viable – It needs you to provide information that tells your entity is financially viable and proof that your entity is solvent.
• Local Solutions – Here, the emphasis is on your rohe (area). Tell how your idea is whānau-driven and/or responds to the needs of your local community.
• Intergenerational Transmission – Te Ao Māori (the Māori world view) recognises the significance of intergenerational relationships. How does your initiative acknowledge these relationships and their contribution to the ongoing sharing of knowledge and expertise held within whānau?
• Collective Identity and Ownership – How does your initiative respond to the collective nature of whānau and how will you ensure whānau rangatiratanga is a prominent outcome?
• Holistic –How does your initiative support whānau spiritual (te taha wairua), social (te taha whānau), physical (te taha tinana) and mental (te taha hinengaro) wellbeing?
• Strengths Based – How does your initiative draw on the strengths of whānau to enable the best outcomes?
• Innovation – How is your project innovative, different and unique? Can your project be an inspiration and catalyst for whānau around you?

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ORA is an acronym for the Opportunity to Realise your Aspirations.

Te Pūtahitanga has set up ORA to invest in people working to build thriving whānau. There a lots of ways to do this. Some people are creating sustainable financial livelihoods; some are enhancing hauora, strengthening cultural pride, inspiring people to follow their own path or solving complex social issues that affect us. Te Pūtahitanga's challenge to whānau, entrepreneurs and rōpū is to be bold and innovative in creating your ideas for building thriving whānau.
Te Pūtahitanga is a partnership between the nine Iwi of Te Waipounamu: Ngāi Tahu, Ngāti Apa, Ngāti Tama, Ngāti Kuia, Ngāti Koata, Te Ati Awa, Ngāti Toa Rangatira, Rangitāne and Ngāti Rarua. Over the next three years, it will invest up to $15 million in bold approaches to building sustainable whānau capability.


We invest in transformative change to build sustainable whānau capability.


Panoni Hou - Innovation —Te Pūtahitanga will only invest in innovative approaches to whānau transformation. We believe that the status quo is not working, and will therefore only invest in opportunities that create change. We define innovation in broad terms to include ‘back to the future’ thinking that brings tradition based approaches into 21st century applicability as well as renewing successful initiatives.

Kainga Focused - Local Solutions— Te Pūtahitanga will invest in ground-up solutions, identified, developed and driven by people who live within the community and are passionate about creating solutions for and with whānau.

Kotahitanga - Integrated Solutions & Collaborative Delivery— Te Pūtahitanga will invest in cross-sectoral, cross-disciplinary solutions and prefer investment opportunities that have a team or partnership behind them.

Kōkiritanga - Partnerships and Government Alignment— we will place priority on investments that we can co-fund with partners.

Projects funded

Te Pūtahitanga invests in a range of enablers that provide layers of support to increase Whānau capability:
• leadership development
• whānau enterprise coaching
• whānau and community development
• innovation Pipeline - open tender investment
• commissioning support
• whānau ora navigators
• social accelerator

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How to apply

Be realistic about your needs and the costs for which you are seeking funds. If you are successful, we will attempt to make a fair contribution to your project.
Successful applications will have:
• an expenditure budget
• realistic costs with a complete overview of finances,
• information on any other income streams, identify all other resources of income (including any other funders)
For each application we need to know:
• What you want to do
• Who will be involved
• When it will happen
• What the outcomes will be as a result of your initiative. These are the outcomes we’ll ask you to report back on once the project is completed.
As part of your application you will need to attach an implementation plan, proposed budget and other supporting documents.

All supporting documents must accompany your application. Please use your first and last name as the subject of your email.
If you have any questions regarding your application please contact us or head along to one of our workshops list on our events page.

Decision makers

Te Pūtahitanga Board:
• Norm Dewes (Chair)
• Parekawhia McLean
• Gena Moses-Te Kani.

Decision time

As part of the application process, you will be asked to reflect on how your initiative helps whānau in their journey towards the Whānau Ora outcomes. The document below provides some great information about the Whānau Ora outcomes, so please check it out if you want to know more:

How notified

Written notice.

Conditions of acceptance

All investees are asked to report on the basis of progress along the Opportunity Realisation and Aspirations (ORA) Index which outlines a spectrum for whānau transformation. The index reflects the ability of whānau to develop and/or realise opportunities for whānau transformation in a variety of areas. For more information about this, refer to the FAQs.

Other information

For unsuccessful applicants:
An additional 120 applicants receive support from Whānau Ora Coaches to develop their proposals to prepare for the next funding round (date will be confirmed on Te Putahitanga website).


Helen Leahy
Interim CEO
Te Pūtahitanga
PO Box 13 046
Christchurch 8024
Phone: 0800 187689