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Racing Safety Development Fund

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Eligible districts



We prefer building projects that will improve:
• safety at Racecourses
• the quality of facilities at Racecourses

Only the following organisations can receive grants from this fund:
 - a thoroughbred, harness or greyhound racing club registered with:
• New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing
• Harness Racing New Zealand, or
• New Zealand Greyhound Racing Assosciation 
• an incorporated regional group or racing clubs (cluster), on behalf of the clubs it represents
• one of the New Zealand racing code bodies, on behalf of the clubs it represents, for a nationwide project

- Any organisation requesting a grant must be an incorporated society; registered for GST and meet the requirements for community organisations requestins grants administered by the Department if Internal Affairs.

Requests more like to get funding include:
• the project is well designed, planned and managed
• the organisation can complete a successful project

Available to groups or individuals?

Groups may apply


Racing Safety Development Fund grants support the improved safety of riders, spectators, officials and others involved in racing at racecourses; and the improved health and safety of the animals at racecourses.


The purpose of the Racing Safety Development Fund (RSDF) is to support racing club projects that improve safety at racecourses.

Projects funded

• meet the purpose and priorities of the Fund
• are from eligible organisations
• show the organisations has the right governance and management systems for the project
• show the organisation can contribute at least half (50%) of the project cost
• describe the type and size of the project
• have a detailed project plan with an estimated timeframe
• have a detailed project budget
• include at least two quotes for the cost of the project
• show the amount you are requesting at the grant
• explain how the project will add to other plans for developing infrastructure at the racecourse
• say whether other funding is available and/or has been requested for the project, and 
• state the preferred quote or tenderer(s) for you rproject

Excluded projects

• individual people
• organisations not registered with or as a New Zealand racing code body
• fundraisers, including professional or commercial fundraisers that distribute money to others
• services or activities that will continue into the future
• projects that are finished before the closing date for requests
• project requests where someone could personally benefit, but the possible conflict of has not been stated or dealt with properly
• projects or activities that will not directly improve the safety and quality of facilities at racecourses

Activities funded

Costs related to purposes funded.

Excluded activities

Repay or service debt, or to pay for past transactions or finished work.

Funds available


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Funds available last year


How to apply

If you are planning to request a Racing Safety Development Fund grant then we suggest you start by checking the opening / closing dates here.
To be ready to make a request you can find out more about what you will need here;
Setting up as a new group or organisation and our approach to your finances as a new group
If you are a returning group or organisation

If you are ready to make your Racing Safety Development Fund request then LOG IN here
To complete your request successfully it might also be useful to;
Scroll back up this landing page to review the purpose and outcomes of the fund
See examples of previous grants made
The projects are more likely to be sucessful and how much is granted 
Note who you can contact if you have a query about the fund 
Review the eligiblity requirements for a request to this fund
Review the documents you need, 
your most recent set of annual accounts, financial statements or performance report

For more detailed information go to Racing Safety Development Fund website.

Decision makers

Grant decisions are made by an industry working group of:
• an independent chairperson appointed by the Minister for Racing
• a representative from the New Zealand Racing Board
• a representative from New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing
• a representative from Harness Racing New Zealand
• a representative from the New Zealand Greyhound Racing Association

Decision time

Grant requests are assessed in two stages.
• in the first stage, the Department checks that the grant request and the organisation making the request are eligible for this Fund.
•  if both are eligible, requests go to the industry working group which uses assessment criteria to make grant decisions.


How notified

If you are offered a grant or scholarhip, you will be advised by email.  
If you have accepted the terms and conditions of the grant before you submitted your funding request (Lottery Community and COGS) you will also recieve confirmation which you can view by logging into our grants management system. This confirmation will include full details of any reporting you need to provide, a payments schedule and any special conditions for your grant.
If you did not accept the terms and conditions of the grant before you submitted your funding request, you will be adivised by email and invited to login to review and accept an online grant agreement.
The agreement will include full details of any reporting you need to provide, a payments schedule and any special conditions for your grant.
You may accept the agreement online, or contact us if you want to discuss the reporting requirements or special conditions. However, the amount we offer is not negotiable.

Other information

If you have any questions, please contact the Department on 0800 824 824 or email


Trust Advisor
Dept of Internal Affairs
PO Box 805
Wellington 6140
Phone: 0800 824 824