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Community Leadership Fund

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The Community Leadership Fund makes grants each year for not-for-profit organisations with a national focus whose primary role is to provide leadership and capability building:
• across the whole community and voluntary sector; or
• within a specific interest area of the community and voluntary sector.

Organisations requesting grants must demonstrate they have appropriate governance, management structures and processes in place to support the size and complexity of the project for which funding is sought.

Grants will be invested in requests that show how progress towards these outcomes will be achieved and measured:
• leadership and capability across the sector is strengthened
• collaboration and connection across the sector is strengthened
• social enterprise is fostered
• volunteering is supported
• community led-development is supported and enabled.

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The purpose of this fund is to strengthen leadership and capability across the Community and Voluntary Sector.

Projects funded

Contribute to achieving this Fund’s purpose and outcomes, and align with the fund priorities of:
• supporting collaboration and connection across the sector
• social enterprise
• volunteering
• community led-development.

Excluded projects

• debt repayment or debt servicing
• requests specifically designed to generate profits to be used for purposes other than the sustainability of the service, project or activity for which the grant was made
• requests for projects or activities to promote commercial, political or religious activities, including political advocacy, employment and/or business initiatives, commercial enterprises or initiatives which seek to change legislation
• requests from fundraisers, including commercial or professional fundraisers whose purpose is to distribute money to others
• requests where there is evidence of a conflict of interest which, in the opinion of the decision-makers, has not been disclosed by those requesting the grant or has not been satisfactorily managed or mitigated when the request was made.

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How to apply

Opens – Wednesday 27 May 2020
Closes – Wednesday 8 Jul 2020

If you are planning to request a Community Leadership Fund grant then we suggest you start by checking the opening / closing dates here.
To be ready to make a request you can find out more about what you will need here;
Setting up as a new group or organisation 
If you are a returning group or organisation

Other information

There is no limit to the amount that your organisation can apply for. However, with the anticipated interest in this new fund, funding to the level requested may not be available.

Regardless of the amount requested, grants over $10,000 can be made only to groups that have legal status.


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