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Martinborough Community Board Strategic Grant

Closing dates


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Eligible districts



Preference will given to applications that:
• provide long-lasting benefit to the wider Martinborough Ward Community

Applicants need not be incorporated bodies, but the Board must be satisfied that they are responsible organisations that will be fully accountable for any grants received.

Available to groups or individuals?

Groups may apply

Projects funded

Martinborough Community Board Priority Areas (to 2019)
• Martinborough Town Hall & Town Centre Precinct. Revitalise the Martinborough Town Centre and develop a modern, community centre that will benefit the Martinborough Ward and beyond.
• our young people. Promote positive youth development and provide appropriate recreational and leisure facilities.
• sense of community. Foster an engaged, involved community that is seen as a major benefit for current and potential future residents.
• a pedestrian and cycle friendly district. Ensure our town and district are safe and appealing for those travelling on foot and by bicycle.
• community assets. Work with SWDC to ensure our community assets are well - maintained and encourage community use and involvement.

Funds available


Upper limit per grant application


Grants made last year


Funds available last year


How to apply

Criteria for community grants are on the application form [PDF] [MS Word] with priority funding areas as identified in the Martinborough Community Board 3-year strategic plan.  Funding round dates will be confirmed once the new Board is operational.  An accountability form [PDF] [MS Word] must be completed within 3 months of project completion.

Information required with your application

Include the latest financial statements for the applicant. MCB may also request further detailed financial analysis for larger grant applications ($1,000 or higher).

Conditions of acceptance

Successful applicants must provide a quarterly report to the MCB detailing progress, with a final report, including evidence of the grant expenditure (copies of invoices or
receipts), to be provided within 3 months of a grant being expended.

An accountability form must be completed within 3 months of project completion.
Download the form at:


Suzanne Clark
Committee Secretary
South Wairarapa District Council
PO Box 6
Martinborough 5741
Phone: 06 306 9611 ext. 858