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Jester 003 Charitable Trust Fund

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We only fund organisations that align with our specific selection criteria. We do not have an application round or a formal application process.

We look for visionary and innovative problem solvers.
We like to see opportunity focused and financially savvy individuals with strong leadership qualities.

System Changing Model:
We look for a compelling solution to a pressing humanitarian problem.
We like to see a project that alleviates poverty for the extreme poor or alleviates large scale human suffering.

Impact definition:
We look for the direct impact that will occur as a result of this intervention.
We like to see - Activity → Output →Impact.  The ability to show a $ cost per impact over time.  Honed indicators of impact.

We look for an organisation at a ‘catalytic’ point on the route to scale.
We like to see early stage emerging organisations that are at a post-pilot stage – budget of $800k – $3m and/or funds are necessary in order to make a step-change in the organisation’s evolution.

We look for a clear and realistic pathway to scale via linear or exponential growth.
We like to see ‘Units of growth’.  A recognizable growth pattern and rapid iteration.  Eg via expansion, extension, partnership or mergers etc

We look for organisation can exist beyond philanthropic grants and donations
We like to see impacts that are long-lasting and/or the activity is delivered via government, market or large institutional donors eg USAid or Gates

Evidence Based: 
We look for use of scientific measurement.Data collection (including baselines).
We like to see RCT or similar. Strong attribution of the intervention to the impact.

Organisational Capability:
We look for strong leadership and organizational capability – staff and boardBusiness acumen.
We like to see proven financial and operational skills.

We look for support from other funders.
We like to see recommendation from one or more funding partners.

Available to groups or individuals?

Groups may apply


The Jester 003 Charitable Trust (Jester Foundation) is a New Zealand registered charitable trust that was established by the Abbott-Newland Family on 5 August 2009 as a vehicle for the family’s social responsibilities.


The aim of the Trust is to support sustainable social initiatives that alleviate some of the world’s biggest problems. It invests in initiatives that create the greatest humanitarian impact for every dollar spent.

Projects funded

We do not typically provide grants or other forms of funding to individuals or groups who aim to impact NZers.  Our focus is primarily on the poorest countries in the world where people are living below the extreme poverty line (those earning less than $4.00 per day).   But we consider applications from anybody in the world (including NZers) who has a solution to a major humanitarian problem and who meets our other criteria.

Excluded projects

There are no restrictions on the social sectors or causes that we fund.  Our only requirement is that the proposal is aligned with our funding criteria and addresses a specific critical problem for the world’s poorest and most vulnerable communities.

Funds available

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Grants made last year

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Funds available last year

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How to apply

​​The trustees draw upon the work of Jasmine Social Investments to make their donation decisions.
Note that we operate on a referral basis. We DO NOT accept unsolicited applications for donations and are unable to respond to such requests.

Decision makers

The activities of the Trust are governed by a Board of Trustees and are administered by a Foundation Manager.

Other information

Please note that Jester does not accept unsolicited applications for funding.  For general inquiries please contact us using the form below.

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Foundation Manager
Jester 003 Charitable Trust