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Lottery Community Committee - Wellington/Wairarapa

Closing dates


Always open for applications?


Eligible districts

All townships within the Masterton Carterton and South Wairarapa District Council boundaries. All townships within the Kapiti District Council, and the Porirua City Council boundary. All suburbs within the Wellington City Council boundary.


You need to apply to a regional committee if your:
• project or service will be carried out totally in one of our regions or a majority of the benefit will occur there
• application benefits two regions equally, and you will need to complete separate applications for each of those regional committees

If your application benefits three or more regions, one application should be made to the National Community Committee.

Funding priorities:

Projects, activities, resources or services that may be funded include those that focus on:

• parents/family/whanau
• youth development programmes
• enhancing the quality of life of older people in the community
• violence prevention
• new migrants/refugees
• people with a long-term/significant disability or illness
• people who are considered to be at risk or disadvantaged

As well as our overall funding priorities, regional committees may also focus on other priorities according to local needs and issues.

2018/19 Committee priorities:
• Support will be given to social services that are collaborative and contribute to the following outcomes in their community:
  - children and young people are happy, empowered, inspired and engaged
  - vulnerable people are connected and thriving
• Lower priority will be given to:
  - organisations that currently receive government funding, but are unable to show community need and benefit over and above their contracts
  - organisations and activities that are not integrated into the local community
  - organisations who are sufficiently well resourced (more than 24 months of working capital, unless exceptional circumstances apply)
  - requests for events
  - organisations who do not demonstrate wider community benefit beyond their membership  (e.g. Educational, Arts, Sports)

Available to groups or individuals?

Groups may apply


Lottery Community's mission is to enhance the well-being of New Zealanders and their communities.


Lottery Community funding is available for projects, activities, resources or services that have a community or social service focus, and which help connect communities, improve well-being and the quality of people's lives.

Projects funded

What we fund:
• activity, resource and programme costs
• administration costs
• care and support costs
• domestic travel costs
• projects encouraging people to participate in their community
• salaries
• training and supervision costs
• feasibility studies and information collection - see the guidance notes for further information
• regional and national gatherings or events
• volunteer costs and expenses
• community awareness
• general contribution to costs - see the guidance notes for further information
• minor capital works - these are projects such as building projects and maintenance or alteration costs that have a total project cost of $30,000 or less. Capital works projects with costs over $30,000 may be eligible for funding from Lottery Marae Heritage and Facilities or the Lottery Community Facilities Fund.

Excluded projects

In addition to those items, services and projects not funded by any Lottery committee, we do not fund:
• major capital works building projects. This includes the purchase of land or buildings, and the construction or extensive alteration, repair, or maintenance of buildings with a total project cost of more than $30,000
• gambling education/prevention/treatment services
• purchase of food for food banks
• funds for the relief of disasters occurring in New Zealand or overseas
• deposits, loan and mortgage repayments (including subsidies)
• permanent residential housing services or community housing
• feasibility studies for building projects
• research including: resource management plans; large-scale research projects; research that is the responsibility of government; research that will not directly contribute towards Lottery Community's purpose; research undertaken as part of academic study (e.g. a PhD), or scholarships or fellowships; or research that mainly benefits the professional development of the researcher

Activities funded

• activity, resource and programme costs
• administration costs
• care and support costs
• domestic travel costs
• regional and national gatherings or events
• volunteer costs and expenses
• community awareness
• minor capital works
• salaries
• training and supervision costs
• feasibility Studies and information collection

Funds available


Upper limit per grant application

No set limit

Grants made last year


Funds available last year


How to apply

The second 2020 Lottery Community funding round opens on Wednesday 21 October 2020 and closes on Wednesday 2 December 2020.

Applications are made via the new online system.
To make a request, you need a profile in our online system. Your profile gives you access to everything you may need to do in the system.
You will be asked to Login using RealMe

Please visit for more information.

Information required with your application

When you are filling out the application form, please break down your project as much as possible by splitting it into one or more of the purposes or categories listed under What we fund - whichever you think best applies.

Some projects may fit all under one purpose or category whereas other projects might need to be split into several purposes or categories. Where possible, please list the type of items you are requesting funds for under each purpose or category when you summarise your project in the application form.

Please answer all the questions in the application form. The form must be completed before your project can be considered for funding.

If your application is incomplete or requires further clarification or verification, it may be returned to you for completion or an advisor may contact you with further enquiries.

A number of questions are specific to your organisation and your project, whereas others are for statistical purposes. Your answers help Lottery Community to better consider your application, and they also help the Lottery Grants Board put together an overview of how Lottery funding is distributed.

Decision time

Three months after closing dates.

How notified

In writing.

How paid

When the Client Agreement form is signed.

Conditions of acceptance

Grant recipients must:
• use the grant only for the purpose for which the grant was given, and meet any conditions imposed by the Committee
• repay any grant funds spent on anything other than the purpose for which the grant was given
• return any leftover funds once the project is complete

In order to provide assurance that Lottery funds are being spent on approved outcomes, the Committee requires grant recipients to:
• account for grant spending as a separate entry in their financial accounts
• complete a final accountability report at the conclusion of the project, when the grant has been fully spent, or at the expiry of the grant, whichever is sooner

A copy of your organisation's annual accounts will be required with the accountability report(s).

Other information

Additional information required

Supporting documents that need to be included for all applications are:
• financial information - the type of information depends on how much money is requested and how long the organisation has existed
• job description(s) for salary costs (if relevant)
• CV or job description for a project manager (if relevant)

In addition to the above, applications for the purchase of assets (such as furniture, etc) and capital works projects need to include:
• building plans (if these are required)
• building and resource consents (if these are required)
• three quotes

Also refer to the New Zealand Lottery Grants Board general information.


Dept of Internal Affairs
PO Box 805
Wellington 6140
New Zealand
Phone: 0800 824 824