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You need to apply to the national committee if you are:
• a national organisation
• an organisation affiliated to a national organisation with a collated funding arrangement
• an organisation making an application for a project or service with a nationwide benefit

If your application benefits three or more regions, one application should be made to the National Community Committee.

Projects, activities, resources or services that may be funded include those that focus on:
• parents/family/whanau
• youth development programmes
• enhancing the quality of life of older people in the community
• violence prevention
• new migrants/refugees
• people with a long-term/significant disability or illness
• people who are considered to be at risk or disadvantaged.

2018/19 Committee priorities:
• Lottery National Community Committee supports strong and resilient communities. Community development, cultural diversity and social services are enhanced by: 
  - responsive community-led projects, activities and preventative services which meet community needs 
  - innovative, strengths-based approaches which acknowledge and evidence the changing needs of their individual communities, to achieve outcomes
  - collaboration with other organisations in the sharing of resources and a reduction in the duplication of services
  - a meaningful Tikanga Māori bicultural approach, within a multicultural environment, based on mana/respect for all peoples
• Lower priority is given if a request is:
  - from an organisation with significant reserves
  - for a specific arts, health, education or sports programme that doesn't align with the Lottery Community outcomes

Available to groups or individuals?

Groups may apply


Lottery Community's mission is to enhance the well-being of New Zealanders and their communities.


Lottery Community funding is available for projects, activities, resources or services that have a community or social service focus, and which help connect communities, improve well-being and the quality of people's lives.

Projects funded

What we fund
Lottery Community provides grants to:
• help organisations provide stronger and better support in their community, or
• help top up existing funding, or
• support the specific needs of Māori organisations, whānau, hapū and iwi, or
• support the specific needs of older people, Pacific people and other ethnic communities, women, youth and people with disabilities.

Lottery Community grants may be used to support:
• developmental or preventative projects; 
• welfare and support services;
• information or awareness raising activities;
• projects encouraging participation in communities;
• projects encouraging community and/or cultural identity or understanding; and/or
• activities which help develop people and organisations, particularly those acting in a voluntary capacity.

Grants are made as one-off contributions or as multi-year grant investments for up to three years, for:
• ongoing operational costs, for existing or expanded services and activities, or 
• for projects beyond an organisation’s day-to-day operations
• for minor capital works projects valued at $30,000 or less.

Excluded projects

• individuals
• research, including: large scale research plans, feasibility studies for capital projects and health research
• capital works over $30,000, including project management fees
• purchase of food for food banks
• alcohol and similar substances, for example kava
• requests that fit the priorities for the Lottery Minister’s Discretionary Fund, which include:
    - volunteer fire-fighting services, 
    - overseas travel,
    - animal welfare, and
    - financial and governance training.

Activities funded

• Activity, resource and programme costs;
• Administration costs;
• Care and support costs;
• Domestic travel costs;
• Regional and national gatherings or events;
• Volunteer costs and expenses;
• Community awareness;
• Minor capital works;
• Salaries;
• Training and supervision costs;
• Feasibility Studies and information collection

Excluded activities

• debt repayment or servicing
• refinancing loans, deposits or underwriting projects
• commercial, political and/or religious objectives, including employment and/or business initiatives, commercial
• enterprises, political advocacy or projects which seek to change legislation
• fund-raisers and projects which seek to raise funds in or for a specific sector, or are involved with the training or
• employment of fundraisers training for fund-raisers
• projects which seek to redistribute funding to others
• overseas aid or disaster relief
• alcohol and drug treatment, education and support services
• medical expenses, operations, treatments or the purchase of major items of health equipment
• capital investment or trust funds
• retrospective funding for projects or items completed or acquired before the application closing date.

Funds available


Upper limit per grant application

No set limit

Grants made last year


Funds available last year


How to apply

The second 2020 Lottery Community funding round opens on Wednesday 21 October 2020 and closes on Wednesday 2 December 2020.

Applications are made via the new online system.
To make a request, you need a profile in our online system. Your profile gives you access to everything you may need to do in the system.
You will be asked to Login using RealMe

Please visit for more information.

Information required with your application

An organisation must have:
• two people with the right to sign all of the organisation’s bank accounts
• a current cashbook or electronic version that is regularly updated
• a system that tracks different funding sources
• a person responsible for keeping the organisation’s financial records
• up-to-date tax records (if applicable)
• regular financial reporting to every full meeting of the governing body
• provided any reports due on previously approved grants
• an updated organisation profile in our online system
• an official bank document showing your organisation’s bank account details (this could be a bank statement, printed * deposit slip or bank letter confirming the bank account’s name and number)
• if the profile secretary has changed since November 2014, a document or meeting minute confirming who now has * the right to act as a profile secretary for the organisation and its records in our online system.
To complete a grant request for an organisation, you will be asked to:
• describe what you want funding for
• say what the expected benefits or outcomes will be if a grant is made
provide a budget as a supporting document to be uploaded with your request,
• either accept the grant’s terms and conditions , or identify two people who can approve an online grant agreement for your organisation. (This will depend on the type of grant you are requesting.

• before you login to create a request, check that you meet all the requirements for the type of grant, including any recent changes.
• to make a grant request online, you need an up-to-date individual or organisation profile . (You may need to create a RealMe login to access our online system and set up a profile or profiles.)
• make sure any reporting for previous grants has been completed.

Decision makers

Representatives appointed by Minister of Internal Affairs

Decision time

When they consider grant requests, the community advisors and decision-makers look at an organisations' financial performance and planning.
They also review:
• the organisations' performance against it's budget, as shown in the annual accounts or report (eg does the organisation avoid deficits or is it using reserves set aside for other uses?)
• how the organisation shows revenue from grants in its annual account or financial reporting
• whether the budget is realistic for the project or service described in the grant request
• any support shown in the budget from other funders or partners evidence of collaboration or acccess to community resources, if this is important for the type of grant requested
• whether any quotes or other evidence of proposed costs are reasonable and provide the detail needed for the grant decision

How notified

By letter

How paid

When the Client Agreement form is signed.

Conditions of acceptance

Reporting on grants
Your report needs to tell us:
• what happened
• who benefitted
• what was the outcome?
• how you know what was achieved
   - by the numbers (who took part or helped)
   - by the stories (what you tell us, feedback you received, media coverage, photos).

Reporting on costs:
Using the budget from your grant request, you must report on all income or revenue and list all expenses and payments relating to the budget.
Always check the online grant agreement or Reports Due secion online. Extra reporting requirements may have been added when the grant was first approved.

Reporting online:
Most grants are now managed online. If you made your request online, your reporting will also usually be done online.

Other information

Supporting documents requirements for organisations:
• the most recent set of annual accounts, financial statements or performance report
• a budget showing how the grant will be used.

If your organisation is a registered charity:
• you have to publish your financial information in the new format provided on the Charities Services website. You will not need to provide us with any other copies - we will get the information we need online from Charities Services.

If your organisation is an incorporated society and your most recent annual financial statements are available from the Companies Office online, we can get the information we need online.

For new organisations:
If your organisation has existed for less than 16 months before a funding round closes, you may not be able to meet the financial information requirements but may still be eligible to request a grant.
Please provide your most recent statement of financial performance. This statement should be for a date no more than 3 months before the closing date for the funding round.

If your organisation is not a registered charity or an incorporated society, please upload your most recent annual financial statements to your organisation profile (not to your grant request).

Charities Services has more information about the requirements for financial reporting.


Dept of Internal Affairs
PO Box 805
Wellington 6140
New Zealand
Phone: 0800 824 824