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Lottery Outdoor Safety makes grants to not-for-profit organisations that have outdoor safety as their main purpose.

Lottery Outdoor Safety is not the appropriate Committee for applications from organisations that do not have outdoor safety as their main purpose, but which seek funds for projects that have an incidental outdoor safety component (such as a community swimming pool seeking the costs of pool attendants). Lottery Community may be a more appropriate avenue to consider, as it provides funding for community projects that primarily have a community development or social service focus.

Committee Outcomes
The Lottery Outdoor Safety Committee prioritises grant requests based on how well they will achieve the desired Committee outcomes:
• a capable and effective outdoor safety sector
• an increase in outdoor users’ safety knowledge and skills.

Funding Priorities
Priority is given to grant requests that will deliver:
• increased collaboration in the sector, including sharing knowledge, practices and resources.
• maintenance of outdoor safety sector organisations’ effectiveness and volunteer capability.
• increased community outdoor safety knowledge and skills. 

Lottery encourages collaboration between community organisations through accepting joint applications from organisations that are not legally related. However, a grant will not be made to an umbrella organisaton that, at its own discretion, seeks to redistribute grant monies. A grant request for a collaborative project, programme and/or activity must show a clear project/programme/activity management structure that specifies the responsibilities of the various parties for delivering the intended benefits, for accounting for grant expenditure, and for the project/programme/activity outcomes.

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The Lottery Outdoor Safety Committee provides funding for outdoor and water safety activity, which includes search and rescue activity, undertaken by organisations that have outdoor safety as their core business.


To enhance outdoor safety for New Zealand communities.

Projects funded

• operational costs
• project costs
• asset purchases

Funding to air-based rescue service providers is limited to projects that enable or enhance a service provider’s search and rescue capability, and search and rescue missions are a significant part of its operations.

Excluded projects

• safety activity and equipment associated with delivering outdoor education, sport, leisure and/or recreation programmes
• urban search and rescue (i.e. services such as Civil Defence and local community volunteer rescue teams)
• general accident prevention, personal safety programmes and projects out of doors (i.e. outside buildings), playground safety, road safety or road accident prevention
• vehicle purchase, insurance, and repairs and maintenance costs, which vehicle leases
• activity seeking to promote commercial, political or religious objectives, including political advocacy, employment and/or business initiatives and commercial enterprises
• major capital works building projects.  This includes the purchase of land or buildings, and the construction or extensive alteration, repair, or maintenance of buildings costing over $30,000 in total.

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How to apply

Visit 'Requesting a Grant' at to find out if your organisation meets the requirements to apply for Lottery Grants funding.

Use the checklist to find out if your organisation meets the requirements to apply for Lottery Outdoor Safety funding.
Checklist -

You must request a grant from Lottery Outdoor Safety using the online system - If this is the first time you have used our online system, you will need to login and create an individual and organisation profile.

If you would like support or further information, please call us on 0800 824 824 (in New Zealand only), or email

Funding round
There is one funding round per year and all grant requests must be submitted by the due date.  See information about closing and meeting dates -

Other information

How much to apply for
There is no limit to the amount that your organisation can apply for.  However, because of pressure on funds, Lottery Outdoor Safety is rarely able to provide funding to the level requested.

Regardless of the amount applied for, grants over $10,000 can only be made to groups that have legal status.
Grants to groups without legal status are limited to a total from all Lottery Grants Board distribution committees of no more than $10,000 to any group in any financial year.

The New Zealand Lottery Grants Board financial year is 1 July – 30 June.

Applicants are encouraged to seek other funding bodies that may be able to assist, and/or seek economies of scale, or other efficiencies, by collaborating with other organisations addressing a similar need.


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