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Social and Recreation Fund

Closing dates


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Eligible districts

The project should be Wellington-based and mainly benefit the people of Wellington (exceptions may be made for projects based elsewhere in the region, but which significantly benefit Wellington City residents).


Your project makes a positive contribution to achieving the Council's Strategic outcomes:

Towards 2040: Smart Capital strategy:

People Centred City: Contributes to healthy, vibrant, affordable and resilient communities, with a strong sense of identity and 'place' expressed through urban form, openness and accessibility.

Connected City: Supports a city with easy physical and virtual access to regional, national and global networks.

Eco-City: Allows the city to proactively respond to environmental challenges and seize opportunities to grow the green economy.

Dynamic Central City: Supports a central city of creativity, exploration and innovation, helping Wellington to offer the lifestyle, entertainment and amenity of a much bigger city.

Long Term Plan 2012/22 priorities:
• an inclusive place where talent wants to live
• a resilient city
• a well managed city
• annual Plan priorities for the relevant year.

• the project is Wellington-based and mainly benefits the people of Wellington.
• the applicant provides evidence of sound financial management, good employment practice, clear and detailed planning, clear performance measures, and reporting processes.
• the applicant outlines how physical accessibility has been built into project development.
• the applicant outlines how pricing has been set to ensure access by a wide range of people or by the intended users.
• the project should show evidence of community support, collaboration, and building partnerships with other organisations (e.g. social media interest, letters of support from other organisations/leaders).
• the applicant must show that the project discernibly improves community wellbeing and adds value to the range of similar types of services in the community.
• the Council is committed to the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi - partnership, participation, and protection. Outline how your project can progress these principles, particularly in relation to economic participation by Māori.

Focus areas:
• build capability and capacity within the community
• promote personal and community safety
• physically active communities encouraging health and wellbeing
• youth
• community preparedness
• residents and progressive association

• see the funding page of the Council website for more details and fund guide;

Available to groups or individuals?

Groups may apply


This replaces the Social Pool of the General Grants offered pre-July 2013. Please note the change of criteria and focus areas.


The Social and Recreation Fund supports projects that contribute to our strategic direction and include scope to:
• support social entrepreneurialism,
• prioritise neighbourhood activity,
• support the strategic planning of sports codes.

Projects funded

Priority will be given to projects that (one or more of the following):
• strengthen the local community, address local issues, strengthen and contribute to social wellbeing,
• support volunteers and foster skill development and training for the community,
• support community activity that enhances Wellington as an International Safe Community,
• support projects that enhance community safety and/or personal safety,
• target communities of interest, including youth and seniors,
• support the strategic planning of sports codes,
• involve young people in the development and delivery of the project,
• help young people gain a better understanding of community, an increased sense of belonging as active citizens and positive contributors to society,
• promote volunteer opportunities for young people,
• strengthen local neighbourhood connectedness in an ongoing manner,
• increase community resilience and emergency preparedness locally.

Additional support for Sport and Recreation Activation - COVID-19
We have additional funding to support Sport and Recreation in this (May/June 2020) funding round
Priority will be given to projects that:
• Enable clubs to provide affordable and accessible opportunities for participation in play, active recreation, and sport following a period of lock-down from COVID-19.
• Increase Māori and Pasifika participation in sport and recreation activities.
• Enable communities to enjoy active and healthy lifestyles including young people, women and girls, people with disabilities and those who face barriers to participation.

Excluded projects

• activities or projects where the primary purpose is religious ministry,
• core curriculum activities of educational institutions,
• fundraisers,
• individual scholarships,
• projects that have already been completed,
• services or projects considered to be the responsibility of central government or some other funding body,
• social functions

Activities funded

• activity, resource and programme costs for projects that fit with the focus areas,
• equipment purchases (applicant is normally required to contribute at least 50% of the cost),
• minor capital works for widely used community facilities,
• subsidising the salary of a co-ordinating position that primarily enables community development (extra supporting information is required for grants toward salaries),
• volunteer costs and expenses e.g. training and supervision.

Funds available

Information not available

Upper limit per grant application

No set upper limit.

Grants made last year


Funds available last year


How to apply

We have extended the closing date for the Social and Recreation Fund to Friday 29 May 2020, decisions will be made at the Council Grants Subcommittee on 23 June 2020. 

Funding Portal - Apply Online 

• before you apply you must complete the registration stage. Go to the Council Funding Page ( and click on Apply Online for Funding.
• you can submit your funding request at any point before the closing date, once we receive an application we can start to make an assessment.

For more information download:

Please Note: each organisation (or group) will only need to complete this stage once, no matter how many funding applications you intend to make. You will be asked some basic information, contact details, including someone from your board or management committee.

Information required with your application

For each request you will be asked some questions about what you want to do, who will be involved and when it will take place. You will also need to tell us what the outcomes will be; it will be these outcomes that we'll ask you to report back on.

Decision makers

Community, Sport & Recreation Committee:

Decision time

• after you submit your funding request you will receive an email to acknowledge receipt of your application.
• you may recieve an email from the Funding Team requesting missing required information such as a bank encoded deposit slip etc. Council Officers will then assess the funding request and may contact the applicant for more information if needed.
• the Community, Sport & Recreation Committee will then recieve Officer's recommendations and deliberate on the results. The applicant will be informed of the results within a few days by email.

How notified

By email from the funding portal.

How paid

• once the funding agreement has been accepted in the funding portal. If the applicant is GST registered a tax invoice must be attached to the funding agreement.
• payments are processed once a week and will take a minimum of five working days to show in the nominated account.

Conditions of acceptance

You will be asked to submit your accountability reports through the portal within one year of the close of the round.

Other information

Please check the Wellington City Council funding calendar for decision dates. Only costs incurred after this date are eligible for funding.


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Phone: 04 806 4739