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Sport NZ's Rural Travel Fund (Ashburton)

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Applications for the Rural Travel Fund are open to rural sports clubs and rural school teams with young people aged between 5-19 years who require subsidies to assist with transport expenses to local sporting competitions.

All applications must come from sport club teams and school based teams. These are defined as:
• a school club team participating in local sport competition in weekends, that excludes inter school and intra school competitions played during school time' 'and/or a sports club team participating in organised sport competition through club membership outside of school time'.

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Sport New Zealand (Sport NZ) is the new name for the government organisation responsible for sport and recreation (formerly SPARC).

The Rural Travel Fund has been developed in response to concerns raised by territorial authorities about the lack of participation in sport by young people living in rural communities. Geographical isolation, urban drift, lack of employment and training opportunities and access to mainstream funding were identified as barriers to sport participation.


The Rural Travel Fund is designed to help subsidise travel for junior teams participating in local sport competition. The allocation of the fund is based on a population density formula for territorial authorities that have fewer than 10 people per square kilometre.

Projects funded

Travel to sports competitions for people aged 5-19 years.

Excluded projects

• inter-school and intra-school competitions played during school time.
• travel expenses that relate to representative team events and national events.

Activities funded

Subsidies to assist with transport expenses to local sporting competitions.

Excluded activities

• individuals
• for training costs
• to one off events

Funds available


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Funds available last year


How to apply

Sport NZ Rural Travel Fund grant closed 30 March 2020. See below for application details.​
Sport NZ Rural Travel Fund Criteria
Application Form ​

Application forms are available at the Council office or can be down loaded from the Ashburton District Council's website.

Information required with your application

• balance sheet from your organisation
• bank deposit slip
• evidence of your local affiliated club/school (if required)
• details of competition enteres and latest draw (if available)

Decision makers

The committee is made up of two Councillors of the Ashburton District Council and representatives of the community.

Decision time

Consideration of applications take place usually mid March and applicants will be notified as soon as possible after this time.

How notified

Via letter as soon as possible after considerations have taken place.

How paid

Via cheque.

Conditions of acceptance

An accountability form is required to be completed and returned to the Council.

Partial expenditure of funds Sport NZ requires any unspent funds be returned to Ashburton District Council for the reallocation of funding. If ADC still has unspent funds as of 31 July 2016 the outstanding amount can be used in the following year.


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Ashburton District Council
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Phone: (03) 307 7700