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Skeggs Foundation

History of award

The Foundation was launched in September 1993 to ensure Otago's sports people would have an equal opportunity to compete to the highest levels while remaining available to Otago provincial selectors. Preference is given to athletes who remain residents of Otago. The Foundation wants Otago’s stars of the present and the future to be given the chance to display their skills, and not be disadvantaged by geographical location, travel costs, or the lack of top competition or the lack of exposure to national selectors. The intention of the Trustees is to provide a hand-up to our athletes so they can reach the higher levels of their sport.


The Skeggs Foundation provides financial support to Otago athletes to help them represent their province and their country.


Grants will be determined by the following guidelines:
• Athletes should be resident in provincial Otago, including: Dunedin City, Waitaki District, Clutha District, Central Otago District and Queenstown Lakes District. Certain exceptions may be made by the Trustees where they consider there are extenuating circumstances. Those residing outside Otago for reasons not related to their sport will be ineligible.
• Athletes must be available for selection for Otago provincial teams or squads. Where there is no provincial competition for a sport they should have an Otago club or applicable Southern area/regional affiliation.

Number of awards

Dependant on applications


Up to $5,000.


To assist sportspeople in representative events.

Closing dates

20 September 2020

20 March and 20 September each year.

How do students apply?

Applications close each year on 20 March and 20 September at 5.00pm.

The applications may be emailed to but the emailed documents must be followed by hard copies, properly signed, and sent to: Skeggs Foundation, Sport Otago, PO Box 969, Dunedin 9054.

A completed application is regarded as one that contains all the required information, including endorsement from a national or provincial sporting body and all requested financial information.
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Skeggs Foundation - Funding

Additional information

Payments are made in batches, not each day so there will be a delay between returning your form and getting paid.

Decision makers

Trustees of the Foundation


A letter sent to applicant immediately after decision is made.

Conditions of acceptance

* Applicants must reside in Otago. Some exceptions can be made but successful applicants must be available for selection in Otago teams.
* A report from the athlete about their performance and how the money has benefited them, must be returned to Sport Otago not later than four months after receipt of the grant. For the March round, reports will be due by 20 August, for the September round reports will be due by 20 February. Failure to write reports will result in ineligibility for future funding.
* The Foundation can use an athlete’s name and/or image to further promote the Foundation and its aims.
* Athletes must abide by the World Anti-Doping Agency guidelines on the misuse of drugs. Athletes are required to return the grant monies, should they test positive to any banned substance.
* To be available if required, to Skeggs Foundation corporate members for promotional duties. Such duties to be arranged by mutual consent.


Programme Administrator
Skeggs Foundation
PO Box 969
Dunedin 9054
Phone: +64 3 474 6350