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Allsports Activity Fund

History of award

Halberg AllSports is the Halberg Disability Sport Foundation's community programme to enhance the lives of physically disabled young people by enabling them to participate in sport and recreation. The programme carries the Foundation's work through to areas where it will truly make a difference - in the community, the school-ground and the family home.


The AllSports Activity Fund provides physically disabled young people with grants to help overcome the financial barriers that prevent them from participating in sport


Applications will be accepted from, or on behalf of, individual physically disabled young people. We do not accept applications from Clubs or Groups
Applicants may apply for equipment, lessons, coaching or camps. The Activity fund does not cover the cost of attending events
The grant recipient must be 21 years or younger and the holder of a current New Zealand Resident Visa or be a New Zealand Citizen
If the recipient is under 18, parental, guardian or next of kin approval is required
The grant recipients’ primary barrier to participation must be due to their physical impairment
A valid quote must be provided for all applications
A support letter stating the suitability of the application must be provided by a health care professional i.e. physiotherapist, occupational therapist, doctor, nurse, optometrist or audiologist
The grant recipient must provide a support letter outlining the need and benefits of the application; this may be written with the support of a parent or caregiver if required
Recipients have 6 months to utilise the grant, unless an extension has been approved by the Grants Committee
A minimum 15% personal contribution against the amount requested is required for all applications, unless financial hardship is stated
Applications can’t be retrospective. Equipment that has already been purchased or lessons and camps already attended will not be considered.

Number of awards

Determined annually


Up to $4000

Closing dates

Always open

How do students apply?

To apply for a grant for yourself, or on behalf of another, please contact your local Halberg Adviser for further information and details of the grant application process.  Your Adviser will be able to assist and guide your application, and advise you on eligibility. 
Application Form

Further information available from

Thanks to all the sponsors of the Activity Fund
The Activity Fund is supported by the Eagles Golfing Society of New Zealand and the Harcourts Foundation. Thanks for your support!

Additional information

We run Activity Fund assessment meetings on a monthly basis. Our Disability Sport Advisers must Endorse suitable applications by the third Wednesday of every month (excluding December when we do not hold a meeting). Please consider the time needed for the application to be worked up, assessed and assigned to a meeting; as we do not fund retrospectively. 

Decision makers

The Halberg Disability Sport Foundation will inform applicants via letter of the outcome of the grant, either successful or unsuccessful


Successful applications will be paid directly to the supplier on receipt of an invoice
Successful applications must be utilised within 6 months from the approval date.


Conditions of acceptance

What can I apply for?
Equipment - Either the adaption of equipment or the purchase of disability specific equipment
Lessons and/or Coaching - This could be group or individual lessons/coaching and could be within school time or within a club
Camps - Costs associated with the young person attending the camp. For example, to cover the cost of a support person at the camp, the transportation or accommodation
If you are unsure what category your application fits into, please contact your local Disability Sport Adviser (DSA).


Tracey Perry
Disability Sport Co-ordinator
Halberg Disability Sport Foundation
PO Box 11487
Phone: 03 923 2323