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The Adastra Foundation Scholarship

History of award

The Adastra Foundation was established in 2007 to provide financial and mentoring support to extraordinary young New Zealanders in their pursuit of excellence.


Scholarships are available to individuals who exhibit dedication towards the development of an exceptional talent in either sport or music.


The Adastra Foundation Trustees have recently reviewed their criteria for awarding scholarships and have agreed on a number of significant changes. Please note the following guidelines befores submitting an application:
* Awards are available to athletes and musicians only
* Candidates should be between the ages of 16-26*
* The trustees reserve the right to award scholarships to candidates who fall outlisde these criteria.

ATHLETES are you:
* A leading sportsperson in your discipline?
* Winning national titles in categories well above your age group?
* Already showing potential to be a future World Champion?
* Committed to your chosen sport with clear long term goals?
* Considered an athlete of high potential by your national body?
MUSICIANS are you:
* A holder of any recognised music qualification(s)?
* Enrolled in a tertiary institution to study music?
* Considered to have the potential or to be amongst the best in your chosen area of music?
While NCEA curriculum achievement in music will be noted, more emphasis will be placed on involvement and success in the co-curricular programmes such as Smoke Free Rockquest, Play it Strange, Pacifica Beats, Battle of the Bands and the like.

Number of awards

Awarded at the discretion of the Trustees


Determined by Trustees


One Year

Closing dates

31 August 2020

2021 Applications will be open between 1st of August 2020 to 31st of August 2020.

How do students apply?

Application form and guidelines are here
Online Application Form

Further information available from


Additional information

Responsibilities of Scholarship Recipient
The Adastra Foundation encourages recipients to take part in the Foundation's Mentoring Programme by attending the various Adastra workshops that are offered. We also ask recipients to update the Trustees on a regular basis on results/performances in their chosen field as well as in their academic pursuits (if relevant).

Decision makers

The Adastra Foundation Trustees are committed to selecting recipients in a fair and open manner. The Trustees may seek further information from you when considering your application. You may be asked to attend an interview with the Adastra Foundation Trustees.


In most cases the Scholarship will be paid in two instalments via electronic transfer. Prior to the second instalment being paid, we ask that the recipient prepare and return a Performance Update. The Trustees reserve the right to reconsider your award should there be significant changes to your situation.

Conditions of acceptance

In the event that a scholarship is awarded and it is found that the applicant has misrepresented information and/or brings themselves into disrepute, the applicant will be obliged to refund the scholarship in full upon 7 days notice. If the scholarship is not returned in full within 7 days the applicant shall reimburse The Adastra Foundation for all costs incurred (including legal costs on a solicitor/client basis) in recovering the grant.


The Adastra Foundation
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Phone: (07) 838 3633