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Peter Hooten Memorial Scholarship

History of award

In recognition of the contribution made by Peter Hooten, who at the time of his death was QSCC Treasurer.


To assist Schools and school children in pursuit of their cricket goals and objectives.


Offered to students in lower decile schools (decile 4 and below), one from North Island and one from the South Island.
The student nominated must be playing for their school's first eleven and is expected to continue playing cricket after leaving school.

Number of awards



Up to $2,000


One Year

Closing dates

15 September 2020

1 to 15 September

How do students apply?

The format of the application and any relevant material will be at the discretion of the school but must include;

- Information relating to the school, including decile rating, with contact name and details.
- Details and resume of student applying for funding including how the Scholarship will be utilised to the benefit of the student.
- Outline of how the funding for the School will be expended.
- Other information that may be useful to the QSCC in determining the successful applicants.

Further information available from

Sport NZ.

Additional information

The funding will be to provide cricket gear and one on one coaching for student to the value of $2,000
The student's school will also receive $3,000 to be used for cricket equipment and or facilities for the school.

Decision makers

Queen Street Cricket Club Committee.


Successful applicants are notified in June each year.

Conditions of acceptance

The one on one coaching may be arranged by the school or through the local cricket association BUT MUST be with a recognised coach. The funding equipment and facilities should benefit all students of the school who are involved in cricket.


Brian Moss
The Chairman
Queen Street Cricket Club
PO Box 105 890
Auckland 1143
Phone: 09 307 5712