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The Adastra Foundation Award

History of award

The Adastra Foundation was established in 2007 to provide financial and menitoring support to extraordinary young New Zealanders in their pursuit of excellence.


To provide financial and mentoring support to extraordinary young New Zealanders in their pursuit of excellence. A number of awards will be made available to up and coming athletes and performing artists.


Please note the following guidelines before submitting an application:
Awards are available to athletes and musicians
Candidates should be between the ages of 16 – 23
Candidates must be New Zealand citizens
Candidates must be resident in the Waikato/BOP region
Candidates must be representing a Waikato/BOP club (if relevant)
For applicants that have received scholarships in past years, consideration is given to previous engagement in the programme

*The Trustees reserve the right to award scholarships to candidates who fall outside these criteria.

Trustees have recently reviewed their criteria, awards are available to athletes and musicians only.
Elite and Rising Star Award no longer exist.

Number of awards





One Year

Closing dates

31 August 2020
31 August 2021
31 Aug 20

How do students apply?

2021 applications will be open between the 1st and 31st of August, 2020.

See the website regarding applications.
Scholarship Details
Online Application Form

Additional information

It is also important that any recipient support the Foundation's other initiatives, including its mentoring programme.

Decision makers

The Adastra Foundation Trustees


By Direct Credit, applicants notified one month after closing date.

Conditions of acceptance

* In the event that the scholarship is not used in a manner which complies with the conditions of this application (as determined at the sole discretion of the Adastra Foundation) the scholarship shall be returned in full to the Adastra Foundation upon 7 days notice.
* All scholarship money must be used for the purpose applied for and approved within 6 months of the scholarship being made (or any later date agreed by the Adastra Foundation in writing).
* The Applicant is obliged to refund the scholarship money if they receive funding from other sources for the same purpose.
* Copies of invoices, receipts and bank statements must be kept and provided to the Adastra Foundation if requested.
* Any scholarship money which is not spent on the purpose applied for and approved must be returned to the
Adastra Foundation within 6 months of the grant being made.

* The Applicant agrees to comply with any request from the Adastra Foundation for additional information in relation to how the monies received from the Adastra Foundation have been spent.


The Adastra Foundation
Private Bag 3091
Hamilton 3240
Phone: (07) 838 3633