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Aimes Awards

History of award

The North Harbour club was established on 18 May, 1995. Originally, a group of North Shore business people met and established a constitution with the objectives below:

1. To promote the North Harbour region.
2. For business establishments of the region to meet and network for the good of the region.
3. To form a Charitable Trust to raise funds and present scholarships to the youth of the North Harbour region.


To provide scholarship grants each year to deserving young people of the North Harbour region.


To qualify for the AIMES Awards, recipients must be aged between 10 and 25 and have shown outstanding ability or potential in the areas of:

(A) Arts – sponsored by Bruce Mason Centre/Auckland Live

(I) IT, Innovation & Science – sponsored by Massey University

(M) Music – sponsored by Albany Toyota

(E) Education – sponsored by Kristin School

(S) Sport – sponsored by AUT Millennium

(S) Service to the Community – sponsored by ASB

Number of awards



Determined by the Trustees


One Year

Closing dates

31 July 2020

31 July 2020

How do students apply?

Please visit our FAQ page

Further information available from

Please check our Frequently Asked Questions for any queries you may have, alternatively call:
Christie Parkin | Events & Admin or 021 277 0699

Additional information

Awards are presented to young peope who have achieved excellence in the categories of Arts; IT; Innovation & Science; Music; Education; Sport and Science to the Community.

Decision makers

North Harbour Trustees


The AIMES Awards are announced and presented to the winners at the Club's annual black-tie dinner held in late October/early November each year.

Conditions of acceptance

As set out in the Application Form.


Courtney Jackson
The North Harbour Club
PO Box 31599
North Shore City 0741
Phone: 021 277 0699