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Cora Wilding Memorial Award

History of award

YHA New Zealand’s founding mission was to motivate and inspire young people to pursue personal development by exploring New Zealand and the outdoors. The Award reinforces that mission; it was established over twenty years ago to perpetuate the memory Cora Wilding, who founded YHA New Zealand in 1932.


The Cora Wilding Memorial Award is about helping young people reach their goals. The Award comprises a subsidy of up to $5,000. Funds go towards the cost of participation in a personal development training course or project that will benefit the awardee as well as their local community. Awardees are also given a one-year YHA membership. The Award is granted to a maximum of two individuals in any year.


Learn to sail, become a skydive instructor or even learn to fly a plane - whatever your personal goals are, this is your opportunity to get out there and do it. The Cora Wilding Award is all about helping other people reach their goals. It provides the opportunity for someone to participate in a personal development training course of their choice, up to the value of $3,600.

Number of awards



a subsidy of up to $5,000


One year

Closing dates

30 Jun 2019

How do students apply?

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept to applications for 2020.

Complete the online application form once applications open. Include a description of your proposed personal development course or project, including:
• Why you wish to attend the course
• How the course will allow you to serve your community
• How your application aligns with Cora Wilding's intentions for YHA as per our Charitable Aims and Objects
• If you have the means to undertake your course without this funding
• Any further details that would assist the Awards Committee in making its decision
Scholarship Details
Application Form

Further information available from

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Additional information

YHA New Zealand's charitable Aims and Objects are:
To promote within New Zealand the education, health and wellbeing of people by providing
encouragement and opportunity for the gaining of knowledge and awareness of:
• The culture of the countryside, towns, cities and peoples of New Zealand.
• The environment and the study of the same.
• The culture of other countries and peoples.
In furtherance of this purpose the Association shall provide hostels or similar accommodation, promote educational and recreational activities, facilitate travel, and practice and promote environmental sustainability.

Decision makers

YHA New Zealand Awards Committee. The principles they will use to guide their assessment of applications is as follows:
•  The extent to which the Award assists the applicant make a contribution to their local community, rather than solely provide a personal gain.
•  Whether the applicant has the means to undertake the activity anyway. In other words, but for this Award, the applicant could not achieve their desired outcomes.
• How well the application aligns with YHA's charitable aims and objects, and Cora Wilding's intentions for YHA that the Award is designed to honour.


After the closing date, the Awards Committee will review all applications and make a decision on who will be granted this award. You will be notified by email of their decision in late August.

Conditions of acceptance

A short written account of the course for possible inclusion in a future YHA publication. We may also ask you to participate in some publicity associated with the Award.


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YHA New Zealand
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Christchurch 8140
Phone: 0800 278 299