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Lincoln University Rowing Scholarship

History of award

The scholarships were established in 2010.


To assist students of high sporting achievement to undertake tertiary study and sports development at Lincoln University.


To be eligible to hold a scholarship applicants shall:

• register for a full time Lincoln University undergraduate degree programme, and
• gain NCEA Level Three Certificate, including University Entrance, (or an equivalent entrance qualification), and
• be a New Zealand citizen or New Zealand Permanent Resident, and
• be competing at Regional level in Rowing in New Zealand, and
(e) be willing to promote both Lincoln University and the sports scholarship programme positively, and
• be willing to agree to be involved in Lincoln University publicity activities from time to time both while studying at Lincoln University and on occasions after having Graduated, and
• be willing to agree not to charge Lincoln University for the involvement referred to in clauses 3(e) and 3(f), and
• be willing to agree to the terms of the scholarship which will be specified in the letter of offer.

Number of awards

The number of scholarships to be awarded in any year shall be determined by the Vice-Chancellor.




Each scholarship shall be tenable for the minimum number of subjects required to complete the recipient's course of study and shall comprise:

Closing dates

15 August 2020

Close date: 15th August

How do students apply?

Applications should be submitted online via your MyLinc account.

Any questions please contact the Scholarships Office
Scholarship Page

Additional information

Note: The tenure of the scholarship is intended to be limited to semester one and two of each academic year. If a scholar elects to undertake summer school subjects, the student shall pay the tuition fees for those subjects unless extraordinary circumstances exist and the student has obtained the agreement of Lincoln University to pay those fees as part of the scholarship.

Decision makers

The scholarships will be awarded by the Vice-Chancellor on the recommendation of a selection committee, which shall comprise:
• The Vice-Chancellor or nominee
• The Convenor of the Lincoln University Scholarships Committee or nominee
• A representative from Canterbury Rowing Association.

The criteria for the award shall be potential for:
• academic success, and
• sporting success.

The selection committee may recommend that no scholarship be awarded if in its opinion there is no candidate of sufficient merit.


Payment, via credit to the students fees account, of an amount equal to the tuition fees payable by that student.

Conditions of acceptance

Continuation of scholar's entitlement to hold a scholarship is conditional upon:

• satisfactory academic and sporting progress being maintained throughout the student's course of study, and
• the student registering for their stated course of study at Lincoln University by the fourteenth day of each semester of each year of tenure.


Mandy Carter
Scholarships Office
Lincoln University
PO Box850 84
Lincoln University
Christchurch 7647
New Zealand
Phone: (+64 3 3252 811 ext 8748 or 8582 Fax: +64 3 325 3840