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Buller District Council National Representation Assistance

History of award

The Buller District Council provides and/or administers a range of funding to community organisations or groups throughout the Buller district. Some are Councils own grants, administered and disbursed at its own discretion.


Each individual person is to be eligible for no more than two grants, one representing New Zealand internally and one representing New Zealand overseas.


A grant is payable to any person residing in the Buller District and also to any primary or secondary student attending boarding school whose parents reside in the Buller District who are selected by a recognised bona-fide national body/association or organisation to represent New Zealand within New Zealand or to represent New Zealand overseas.

Number of awards

Determined by the Council


Representing NZ Internally $400 NZ Internationally $1,000


One Year.

Closing dates

Always open

How do students apply?

Application form can be downloaded from Buller District Council website link provided below.

Please return this form along with a letter of endorsement from the appropriate governing body, confirming your selection as a New Zealand representative. Any further supporting information that will assist Council in considering this application may also be included.
Application Form
More information

Further information available from

Additional information

The policy is not intended to provide funding for selection of area or district representatives who are attending a meeting or symposium type event as part of national representation at an international forum. Grants are to be considered on an application basis as per Council's official form, with the value of grant to be determined by Council.

Decision makers

Council has a Communities Grants Committee, which considers the various applications to the funds at scheduled meetings.


As soon as possible after application has been received and checked.

Conditions of acceptance

Acknowledgement to Council.


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