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Blue Lagoon Hearing Trust Grant

History of award

The Blue Lagoon Hearing Trust (formerly The Blue Lagoon Charitable Trust) was formed in October of 1996. We are a charitable trust devoted to helping the hearing impaired in the Tauranga, Mount Maunganui, and Papamoa areas.


Grant applications submitted to The Blue Lagoon Hearing Trust will be considered where funding is being sought towards:

• Cost of hearing aids.
• Extra costs associated with education/tuition for the hearing impaired.
• Specialized equipment for the Deaf.
• Assistance for hearing impaired children to attend special support days.
• Ongoing ear health and care needs.
• Other equipment and devices to assist with communication.
• Information and awareness programs


Any such person, regardless of age, who is so effected and requires financial assistance may apply for help. Also, hearing people who assist the hearing impaired may qualify for funding through the Trust.


Number of awards

No Limit


Determined by the Trustees


Not Applicable

Closing dates

31 October 2020
31 October 2021
31 October each year

How do students apply?

Your completed application form and supporting material should be posted to:
Blue Lagoon Hearing Trust,
P O Box 8354,
Cherrywood, Tauranga 3145
or emailed to
Application Form

Additional information

This Trust requires the following documentation to accompany your application:
• At least 1 letter from an Audiologist detailing the equipment/help proposed and quoting the cost of the equipment. Preferably, 2 letters of quote from different Audiologists should be obtained, each detailing this information. NOTE: If Tauranga Hospital Audiologist provides letter, this 1 such quote will suffice.
• Proof of your financial status, AND that of your Partner (if any) i.e. Copies of bank statements (NOT Bank printouts) covering at least one month's transactions, on all Bank accounts.
Also details of any investments, share holdings etc.
• A letter (which will normally be addressed to Applicant) from Work & Income, detailing either the amount of loan assistance that Work & Income are prepared to approve, or stating their inability to assist.
If Work & Income cannot assist, an explanation for such decision would be helpful.
NOTE: It may be in applicant's interest that any loan assistance available from Work & Income not be drawn down prior to this application being considered by Blue Lagoon Hearing Trust.
Also Please Note:
• The Statement of Position on page 2 of this form must be completed.
• A personal interview will be required with the Coordinator of the Blue Lagoon Hearing Trust.

Your completed grant application forms and supporting material should be posted to:

Blue Lagoon Hearing Trust,
P O Box 8354,
Cherrywood, Tauranga 3145

or emailed to:

Decision makers


Conditions of acceptance

Applicants must be residents of Tauranga, Mt. Maunganui, or Papamoa.
All grant applications are means tested.


John Gaylard
Blue Lagoon Hearing Trust
PO Box 8354
Tauranga 3145
Phone: (07) 576 1349 Fax: (07) 576 1370