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Ngati Koata Scholarship/Education and General Grant

History of award

Ngati Koata Trust is the representative body of the Ngati Koata Iwi.


The Ngati Koata Group considers applications for formal academic, health and sports grants on a case by case basis and has discretion to approve such applications or not as the Ngati Koata Group see appropriate.



A full disclosure of your whakapapa back through your lineage to a known Ngati Koata Tupuna is required. You are asked to provide a copy of your birth certificate.

Number of awards



Up to $1000 or more, to be determined by Ngati Koata Trust


The Ngāti Koata Trust provides grants to assist iwi members in achieving their goals, whether they be academic, sporting or some other field.

Closing dates

Applications usually close late November / early December.

How do students apply?

Ngāti Koata Trust Grants
Ngāti Koata Trust provides Health, Education and Sports grants to members of the iwi. Grant funding is allocated quarterly, the dates being:
6 January – 31 March2020
1 April – 30 June 2020
1 July – 31 September 2020
1 October – 10 Jsanuray 2021

Application must be accompanied by:
a. A record of academic achievement to date (if grant is for education)
b. A letter outlining your involvement with whanau, hapu
c. Vertification of fees and enrolment from your study provider or other associated costs (e.g. School Uniform, Fees), or if applying for sports/health then invoices or quotes for associated costs.
d. A bank verified deposit slip in applicants name.
Education Application Form
Health and Sport Application Form

Further information available from

For more information on Scholarships you can also visit these websites:
Māori Education Trust | Toitū Kaupapa Māori Mātauranga
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Additional information

 We can also provide grants for health-related expenses.

Decision makers

Ngati Koata Trustees.  Grants are made at the sole discretion of the Ngāti Koata Trust.


Applications will be evaluated on a case by case basis. Approval for assistance in any one year does not automatically mean approval is granted for future years and members must apply for assistance on a year-by-year basis.

Conditions of acceptance

Approval for assistance in any particular year is for that year only, and does not automatically mean future applications will be approved.


Grants and Scholarships
Ngati Koata Trust
PO Box 1659
Nelson 7040
Phone: (03) 548 1639 Fax: 03 54 8 2569


Ngati Koata Trust
PO Box 1659
Nelson 7040
Phone: (03) 548 1639 Fax: 03 54 8 2569