Sport Integrity Framework: Match-fixing

11 June 2019

New Zealand has a well-deserved reputation for playing hard but fair, and to maintain the integrity of our sports system we must ensure we safeguard ourselves against the threat of match-fixing.

In 2014 Sport NZ led work to amend the Crimes Act to make match-fixing a form of deception under section 240 of that Act – the offence of obtaining a benefit or causing a loss by deception.

The national policy on sports match-fixing provides a coordinated approach across government agencies, the sport sector and betting industry to prevent and address match-fixing risks. The policy requires NSOs to introduce measures such as rules , sanctions and education programmes to address match-fixing.

Sport NZ Group role

  • Owns national match-fixing policy
  • Sets requirements for NSOs and internal Sport NZ Group staff
  • Provides educational material and supports education of athletes (HPSNZ)
  • Leadership of Sport Inter-Agency Group (focus is on match-fixing, doping and corruption is sport)
  • Lead sport policy advisor to government

Current status

  • Legislation passed to include match-fixing as an offence in the Crimes Act
  • National Policy – NSOs continue to work through process of implementing and/or adopting policies with larger sports having polices in place
  • Considering options for creating a National Sport Integrity Unit to gather and share intelligence and deliver education

Sector partners

  • National Sport Organisations
  • NZ Olympic Committee
  • Players’ Associations

Government Partners

  • NZ Racing Board
  • DIA
  • Police (including OFCANZ)
  • Serious Fraud Office

Other Partners

  • NISU (Australia ), IOC, Council of Europe, Interpol, International Centre for Sport Security, Transparency International, ICC, FIFA

International Work

Match fixing is a worldwide focus, in particular because of its potential to damage sport significantly as well as due to links with organised crime. Internationally a number of units have been established with a focus on match-fixing, including in Australia (National Integrity in Sport Unit), IOC (Integrity Betting Intelligence System [IBIS]), and the International Centre for the Security of Sport provides advice, training and research about sport integrity.

Gaps/Potential for further work

Greatersupport to NSOs to enable them to develop and implement their match-fixing policies

Potential for the establishment of a Sport Integrity Unit in New Zealand, which would be responsible for intelligence gathering /sharing and education around doping, match-fixing and corruption in sport.

Sport NZ Group position statement

Unethical and illegal activities surrounding sports gambling and fixing the results of sporting contests threaten the very essence and values of sport by undermining fair play. For its part the Sport NZ Group remains ready to act against all forms of activity that prevent an honest sporting contest and affects the integrity, growth, and development of New Zealand sport.

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