Sport Integrity Framework: Member Protection

11 June 2019

Sport providers have a responsibility (or duty of care) to ensure that their activities are safe, fair and inclusive.

They also have legal obligations to ensure safety, and to prevent and address discrimination and harassment of their members and to protect participants from harm.

Aside from the compliance elements it is good practice to promote respectful and positive behaviour both on the field and within sporting organisations to preserve the value of sport.

*NB: Member protection, child protection , player welfare and managing diversity all have elements that overlap, however each has its own distinct aspects.

Sport NZ Group role

  • Advocacy through promoting the value of sport and working with partners to ensure that legal obligations are met (e.g. health and safety information provided and made available to the sector, advocacy on behalf of the sector such as submitting on the Police Cost Recovery Amendment Bill)
  • Providing tools for use by sport organisations
  • Respond to specific requests for information and/or support

Current status

  • Guidance on Health and Safety reforms and impact on sporting groups added to our website
  • Sport NZ supports an Active Communities project managed by Aktive called ‘Good Sports’ which deals with side-line behaviour
  • Sport NZ provides governance seminars and resources including a recently published governance framework
  • Some sports, most notably Surf Life Saving NZ, have member protection policies and resources available to all members

Sector partners

  • National Sport Organisations
  • Regional Sports Trusts
  • Community sport and rec organisations

Government Partners

  • MBIE – Department of Labour
  • Human Rights Commission

Other Partners

  • Australian Sports Commission

International Work

Member protection is a particular focus in Australia. Australian Government funded sports are required to have an updated Member Protection Policy to receive Government funding and Play by the Rules (Australia) provides online resources and training in support of member protection.

Gaps/Potential for further work

There is an opportunity to gather a range of current initiatives under the Member Protection heading e.g. health and safety reforms, governance framework, as part of building the capability of sector organisations.

Sport NZ Group position statement

The Sport NZ group believes that every person involved in sport has the right to be treated with respect and dignity and is safe and protected from abuse. In addition sport providers have the responsibility to ensure that everyone involved in their activities is aware of his or her legal and ethical rights and responsibilities.

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