Kiwisport Regional Partnership Fund

29 June 2017

The Kiwisport Regional Partnership Fund (RPF) is allocated to regional sports trusts (RSTs) by Sport New Zealand and administered by RSTs for use in their communities.

The allocation to RSTs is calculated on a per-capita basis based on the number of students in each RST’s region. The allocation will be determined based on the latest available roll-return information from the Ministry of Education. The allocation will be consistent over a three-year period, unless a case is made to Sport New Zealand to recalculate the allocation on the basis that there has been a substantial change in roll-return.

The RPF recognises that sports clubs and community groups have an important role to play in delivering sport to school-aged children. RSTs will be expected to use the fund to encourage new partnerships involving schools, clubs, local and community groups that will get more young people involved in organised sport.

Prior to being allocated RPF funding, RSTs are required to develop plans for how the funding will be used that reflect the outcomes of consultation with their communities which require final approval by Sport NZ.

Consultation should involve key stakeholders in local communities including schools, NSOs, RSOs, clubs, private providers, community groups, gaming organisations, and children themselves.

More information

For information about the timelines and process for applying for RPF funding please check the websites for the relevant RSTs – all should have a dedicated page for the Kiwisport RPF. Contact details via our list of RSTs.

View the Kiwsport 2009-2015 Report (PDF) to see how Kiwisport funding has been used around the country.

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