Sport Integrity Framework: Child Protection

11 June 2019

Every child has the right to participate in a sporting environment that is safe and supportive, where they are encouraged to be the best they can be, can enjoy what they are doing and be free from harm. This will increase the chances of instilling a lifelong love of sport and active recreation.


Sport NZ subscribes to the child-centred approach which means that the development needs and interests of children are catered for in the planning and provision of sports activities. This requires an awareness of the potential for harm in an activity and the processes put in place to remove or minimise it.

Sport NZ role

Sport NZ is an advocate for improved child protection practices in New Zealand sport and recreation through the provision of its child protection guidelines – Safe Sport for Children. Child protection is also embedded in the Community Coaching Plan.

Safe Sport for Children provides guidance to sport organisations and a Good Practice Principles guide and educational videos have been designed to help organisations become more child-centred.

Sport NZ also supports ‘Good Sports’, an Active Communities project managed by Aktive Auckland which focuses on creating a positive environment for children’s sport.

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