Sport Integrity Framework: Match-fixing

11 June 2019

Sport should always be a fair contest. But around the world, sport is increasingly being targeted by criminals seeking to make money through match-fixing and other illegal and unethical gambling activities. This tarnishes the reputation of sport and undermines its value.


In 2014, Sport NZ led work to amend Section 240 of the Crimes Act to include match-fixing as a form of deception under the Act – the offence of obtaining a benefit or causing a loss by deception.

Sport NZ developed the national policy on sports match-fixing, which provides for a coordinated approach across government agencies, the sport sector and betting industry to prevent and address match-fixing risks. National Sport Organisations (NSOs) can adapt or adopt the policy, along with rules, sanctions and an education programmes to address match-fixing.

Sport NZ role

Sport NZ has ownership of the national match-fixing policy and sets the requirements for NSOs and its own Board and staff. It leads the Sport Integrity Inter-Agency Group, which focuses on match-fixing, doping and corruption in sport, and is the lead sport policy advisor to the government. Sport NZ also provides educational tools to athletes, view the match-fixing online tool here.

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