Becoming a workplace athlete

14 March 2017

Sport NZ has launched a new online course specifically designed for new entrants to the workforce.

Becoming a workplace athlete is available through Sport Tutor.

The course offers coaching and training tips to help lay the foundations for becoming a medal winning worker. Skills, routines and practices can often be quite different from those that might have been needed at school or during tertiary training.

It anticipates and covers the first three months in a new role and explains to employees what to expect, what attributes employers value, and how to develop them.

Participants step through learning in a sequence: Before starting, the first week, the first month, the first three months. Just like our high-performance athletes, the final module requires a personal development plan to be completed.

Although the course was designed for new entrants to the sport and recreation sector, it is generic so can be used by anyone.

The course is free, and will take less than 2 -3 hours to complete.