BoardTalk, 15 May 2017

15 May 2017

The latest BoardTalk newsletter.

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First Governance Mark awarded

On May 8, the Minister for Sport and Recreation Hon. Dr. Jonathan Coleman presented the first Governance Mark to Sport Wellington. The Minister noted that; “it is important that we now have a process to provide evidence of capability around the board table.”

Media release and video from presentation

SPORTNZ board appoints intern

Future Director Chelsea Grootveld will observe the SportNZ board for the next 12 months. Chelsea holds a PhD in Education from Victoria University having studied the ‘effect of higher education on Māori’ as her thesis. Her expertise in kaupapa Māori education and health will bring a welcome perspective to discussions.

Two good strategy articles from McKinsey

Proof that active reallocation of resource to align with strategy delivers higher returns, read more here.
Hockey stick dreams - the repetitive failure of over ambitious plans, read more here.

Trouble in the valleys

The Welsh government takes a hard line on Sport Wales, read more here.

Incorporated Society Act – what’s happening

In short not a lot. Submissions are still being reviewed. RSM article can be found here.
Keep a tab on progress on the MBIE site.