NZ Coach links: August 2017

30 August 2017

The NZ Coach newsletter for August 2017


The Kids Are Alright
The first link this month is to a wonderful video produced by the NZ Rugby Union. The video relates to some of the work being done around physical literacy (PL) by Karen Laurie at Sport NZ, with the support of the PL advisory group she leads. Please watch it (it’s very short). And share it with the parents of any kids you coach. As I see it, the concept is a simple one (like most good concepts): if you want kids to enjoy their sport, gain confidence, learn the value of trying (and trying again), and to be creative, then we, as coaches, parents, and teachers, need to let them express themselves first. Don’t get in their way before they’ve had a chance to show you who they are. Most of us understand how it easy it is, especially when coaching, to start giving advice right off the bat. If you are a parent, you will really get this! I suspect most of us have experienced what it feels like to be given advice by someone who doesn’t yet understand what we know or what we can do. Equally, I hope we all know what it feels like when someone says, ‘just have a go to start with’, or ‘see how you get on’. And only after letting us get on, asks us: How do you think it went? What were you happy with? With would you like to work on?  So, to keep our kids loving sport, create opportunities for them to play, watch them play, leave them to play, then think about providing the help they need … simple. To find out more about physical literacy contact Karen Laurie ( or follow this link... I’m sure there’s a smooth transition here, but I’ll just cut to the chase … also in this issue is a Podcast interview with Mal Meninga (rugby league legend). Even if you aren’t a league follower, and regardless of whether you coach kids or professionals, I think you will find a ‘gold nugget’ or two in what he says. Have a listen.

Nga mihi

Brett Reid, Community Coaching Consultant
‘When you are through learning, you’re through’ – John Wooden

Let Me Play [video]
[NZ Rugby Union]
Podcast: Meninga on his coaching philosophy
Australian Kangaroos Head Coach, Mal Meninga, joins host Scott Sattler to discuss his experiences and opinions on coaching in rugby league. [NRL]

The Case for Cultivating Intrinsic Motivation: Strategies for Putting the FUN Back Into Youth Sports
According to the Center for Kids First in Sports (2011), there are as many as 40 million participants per year in youth sports. [Journal for Coach Education]
Does Compression gear work?
Every athlete, from Olympic-level elites to weekend warriors, has a couple of aims in common: to perform to the best of their ability and avoid injury. [Coach UK]
Coaching Certificate Under Review
Review into UK Coaching Certificate aims to break down the barriers that stop people coaching [Sport England]
Is Coach Observation worth pursuing £2
I have always been of the belief that coach observations are a fantastic method for coach developers to use to develop coaches. [Dave Keelty Blog]
Podcast: Why that lucky t-shirt might actually work
[The PinkCast]