NZ Coach links: January 2017

25 January 2017

The NZ Coach newsletter for January 2017


Welcome back to NZ Coach Mag for 2017! I hope everyone had a chance to refresh and rejuvenate over Christmas/New Year. The first issue of the year is a bit of a ‘Santa sack’, with an example of online coach learning, an educational initiative from Drug Free Sport NZ, a video on implicit v explicit learning, and … a little more. But we begin with a podcast from Ireland called ‘Off The Ball’, with the three guests talking about the best sports books they have read. Befitting the season, it’s very entertaining but if you want to hear the coaching part you may want to fast forward a bit. And to end, check out the amazing ‘aquatic’ photos from The Guardian …a nice nexus of sport, art and technology.

Brett Reid, Community Coaching Consultant, Sport NZ

The best sports books of all time (Podcast)
(NewsTalk Radio (Ireland))
Online surf coaching program has world champions on call for Gold Coast riders
THESE grommets are frothing because they can now get coaching from a world surfing champion.
(Gold Coast Bulletin)
Implicit v Explicit Learning (video)
Learning to Learn
Organizations today are in constant flux. Industries are consolidating, new business models are emerging, new technologies are being developed, and consumer behaviors are evolving. (Harvard Business Review)
E-Learning at Drug Free Sport
Coaches and athlete support personnel can soon access a new anti-doping e-learning programme launching early February by Drug Free Sport New Zealand (DFSNZ). The specially designed Coaches module focuses on practical anti-doping information and how support personnel can assist athletes to compete clean. It covers anti-doping rules which apply to them plus practical ideas on how to arrange education and support their athletes to remain drug free. DFSNZ recommends all support personnel complete the free e-learning anti-doping programmes. The Level One anti-doping programme is available now with the new Coaches module and a new Level Two module launching early next month. (Drug Free Sport NZ)
A Better Way to Discover Your Strengths
If you want to excel at anything, it’s not enough to fix your weaknesses. You also need to leverage your strengths. (Huffington Post)
Some Great Aquatic Photos! (The Guardian)