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Disability Inclusion Fund
Applications are now closed.

Sport NZ is working in partnership to create a more inclusive system for all tamariki and rangatahi, including those with disabilities. We are seeking to create sustainable change to increase capacity and capability within the play, active recreation and sport sector to provide disabled tamariki and rangatahi (including young people up to age 24) with quality and equitable participation opportunities of their choice, and an inclusive environment in which to participate.

The fund will invest in mahi that leads to these types of sustainable changes across the disability spectrum, including physical disabilities, and specifically aims to address gaps identified in providing participation opportunities for intellectually disabled tamariki and rangatahi; participation opportunities for tamariki and rangatahi who have invisible impairments; and inclusionary practices for all impairments. 

The Disability Inclusion Fund is open to national and regional organisations, those with experience in using play, active recreation and sport to engage and support disabled tamariki and rangatahi, and those wishing to explore new and innovative opportunities in the space.

Disability Inclusion Fund Projects

Through an open contestable process, 16 recipients were selected to receive a total of $3,600,000 over the next two or three years for initiatives to increase opportunities for disabled tamariki and rangatahi to be active and to build capacity and capability in the sector.

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