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Sport NZ as the kaitiaki of the system for play, active recreation and sport, is committed to supporting organisations to implement best practice to keep children and members safe and ensure involvement in play, active recreation and sport is kept safe, fair and inclusive for all.

Resources to help everyone

We’ve developed a suite of resources to help everyone increase their capability to prevent and deal with the many aspects of maintaining the integrity of play, active recreation and sport. Learn more and see how you can have a positive impact when dealing with child safety, inclusion, and integrity issues.

Integrity Framework

Integrity matters and, as the kaitiaki of play, active recreation and sport, Sport NZ has developed an Integrity Framework to ensure we take a consistent approach to promoting trust and confidence across our system.

Sport NZ Integrity Measures – Our Path to Today

It is important that everyone within our sector continues to work hard to maintain the safety and integrity of play, active recreation and sport in Aotearoa New Zealand. This includes responding to new and evolving challenges, and keeping abreast of the latest legislation, international developments and societal changes.

Play, Active Recreation and Sport Integrity Working Group

An independent Integrity Working Group will monitor the effectiveness and cohesion of current integrity measures, within and outside of Sport NZ, and make recommendations to Sport NZ on what more might be done to ensure New Zealand has a world-class suite of integrity measures. The Group is comprised of members from within the sport and recreation system as well as members who are actively providing leadership and service in relation to integrity issues in New Zealand.

Integrity review documents


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