Guide to Intellectual Property

29 June 2017

This document has been prepared for Sport NZ by intellectual property law firm James & Wells as a basic guide for organisations in the sporting sector.


Guide to Intellectual Property (pdf, 2MB)

It is designed as an introduction and overview to key types of intellectual property and why these are important for sporting organisations.

It is important that both the scope and ownership of intellectual property are clearly defined to enable the legal rights of the owner to be enforced. At the same time people need to know just how far they can go before they overstep the boundaries and infringe the intellectual property rights of others. This is made possible through intellectual property rights in the form of patents, design registrations, trade mark registrations, plant variety rights, copyright – all of which have a definable scope and duration – and other forms of IP protection.


Hugh Hutchison, Commercial Consultant, Sport NZ.

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