Project Litefoot Trust & the LiteClub programme

11 June 2019

Helping sports clubs win, before they take to the field

Project Litefoot is a charitable trust working at the intersection of sport and environment. It is led by ten Kiwi sporting heroes, including Sarah Walker, Conrad Smith, Brendon McCullum and Barbara Kendall. They have been reducing their own environmental impact and are helping community sports clubs to do the same.

LiteClub is a free service that frees up money for sports clubs by helping them become more efficient with electricity, water and waste. More efficient use of resources saves money but also reduces environmental impact, win-win!

Over the course of a three-hour clubroom visit, LiteClub’s field team installs LED lighting, water saving devices, hot water heating insulation and recycling stations. The club also receives a report with additional recommendations, providing a roadmap for the future and helping them become an efficiency champion!

Since 2011, LiteClub has visited 977 clubs throughout New Zealand and made changes to free up $5.9 million for community sport and prevent 5,813 tonnes of CO2 emissions. Clubs can find out more and book a visit at

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