Sport in Education curriculum resources

11 June 2019

Teaching and assessment resources in maths, english, PE and other subject areas using sport as a context to engage students.


Assessment resources

Dance (91207) 2.3C & physical education (91334) 2.8C - Haka (DOC)


Assessment resources

English (90053) 1.5C - Fitness and nutrition (DOC)

English (90857) 1.6C - Specialised training and nutrition (DOC)

English (90856) 1.11C - Sports training (DOC)

English (91101) 2.4D - Spread the word (DOC)

English (91105) 2.8C - What's it all about? (DOC)

English (91106) 2.9C - Read all about it (DOC)

Health education

Assessment resources

Health (91097) 1.3C - Sione's injury (DOC)

Health (90973) 1.4C - Getting along as a team (DOC)

Health (91236) 2.2C - Resilient role model - John Kirwan (DOC)

Health (91237) 2.3C - Let's get moving (DOC)

Home economics

Assessment resources

Home economics (91299) 2.1C - Top crew (DOC)

Physical education

Assessment resources

Physical education (91331) 2.5C & generic technology (91356) 2.3C - Skateboarding, society and our street (DOC)

Physical education (91334) 2.8C & dance (91207) 2.3C - Haka (DOC)

Mathematics and statistics

Assessment resources

Mathematics and statistics (91026) 1.1C - Drylie Equestrian combined training event (DOC)

Mathematics and statistics (91030) 1.5E - Small bowls badge design (DOC)

Mathematics and statistics (91265) 2.10C - Jump line (DOC)


Biology (90925) 1.1C - Exercise and breathing rate (DOC)

Biology (90926) 1.2C - Use of performance-enhancing drugs (DOC)

Biology (91154) 2.2C - Do sports drinks really work? (DOC)


Assessment resources

Science (90943) 1.4C - Clothing for Goat Pass (DOC)


Assessment resources

Accountancy (90981) 1.6C - Make a decision as to which game you will go to for the Rugby World Cup in 2015 (DOC)

Business studies

Assessment resources

Business Studies (90841) 1.5B - Investigate how your local cricket association recruits its people (DOC)


Assessment resources

Economics (90987) 1.5C - The funding of New Zealand Football (soccer) (DOC)

Eonomics (90988) 1.6C - The 2011 Rugby World Cup (DOC)

Economics (91228) 2.7C - Is investing in sportspeople a sound use of taxpayers' money? (DOC)


Assessment resources

Geography (91009) 1.3C - Anyone for a round of golf? (DOC)


Assessment resources

History (91229) 2.1C & (91230) 2.2C - The 1981 Springbok tour protest movement (DOC)


Assessment resource

Generic technology (91356) 2.3C & physical education (91331) 2.5C - Skateboarding, society and our street (DOC)