Coach development modules - learning resources and materials

11 June 2019

Links to materials for National Sports Organisations (NSOs), and those who deliver components of coach development programmes on behalf of NSOs, to use to prepare general principle modules for their specific sports, facilitator guidelines to deliver modules and hand out resources or materials for coaches.

Induction/beginning coach module materials

Learning area Module Module outline
Induction module Resources:

Developing coach module materials

Learning area Module Module outline
Athlete Development Understanding the Athlete Resources:
Athlete Learning and Decision Making Resources:
Leadership Leadership Resources:
Coaching Process Effective Coaching Resources:
Coaching Process Skill Development Resources:
Self-development Self-development Resources:
Research Technology Resources:
Science in Coaching Resources:
Programme Management Planning, Evaluation and Modifications Resources:
Managing Others Resources:
Managing Resources Resources:
Managing the Environment (ME)

ME Module Delivery Outline (DOC) (DOC)

Advanced coach module materials

Sport NZ is preparing advanced coach module outlines and resources and will progressively add links to this table as materials become available.

These provide NSOs with guidance to prepare programmes for advanced coaches of athletes at all stages of development.

As advanced coach learning requirements will be more individualistic, only a small number of resources are directly available. Other resources are listed in module outlines.

Athlete How Athletes Learn
Sport Psychology Resources
Athlete Health and Wellbeing Resources
Anti-Doping Resources
Sport Specific Technical To be developed by individual sports
Measurement of Athlete Performance Resources

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