Online resources

29 June 2017

Sources of sport and recreation research on the Web.

Sport and Recreation Knowledge Library

The Knowledge Library is designed for all those working or interested in sport and recreation in New Zealand – practitioners, researchers, students, policy makers and planners. The library aims to become a comprehensive repository of all New Zealand-specific research on sport and recreation.

All current and historic Sport New Zealand-funded research can be found on the library via the Sport NZ menu tab on the site, or search by topic, author, organisation, and key words.

Clearinghouse for Sport

The Australian Sports Commission’s Clearinghouse for Sport website connects sports people with complementary expertise and helps facilitate the exchange of information and knowledge across the sport sector. Membership is free. The clearinghouse complements the Sport and Recreation Knowledge Library by providing an Australasian and international doorway to sport and recreation knowledge.

Sport and Recreation Case Study toolkit

Tell your sport and recreation story. You know how valuable your organisation is. This self-help research toolkit can help you tell others…potential and current members, funders, planners and more. It can also help you reflect on what you do, and how to do it better. Also find completed case study research on the value of sport and recreation on this website here.


Provides topical information and research in the sport and active recreation sector. Emailed to subscribers monthly. Subscribe to email updates.

New Zealand Secondary Schools Sports Council

The New Zealand Secondary Schools Sports Council is the sports service organisation that co-ordinates, promotes and protects secondary school sport for all students. The website includes the school sport participation data.

Knowledge Auckland

Knowledge Auckland is a place to find and share useful research and data about Auckland. This site aims to provide decision-makers, researchers, and communities with good access to information and analysis needed to plan for Auckland’s future. You can search for publications, read about events and read the regular economic updates.