BoardTalk, 5 June 2018

5 June 2018

Issue 32: Welcome to the BoardTalk newsletter for June 2018. If you have any feedback on our publication, please email us at

20 more - women in governance initiative

We had 240 women apply to this programme with talent to burn. So, we have increased the scope to work directly with 40 women and also run an associated initiative targeting roles as they come up. As our chair, Sir Paul Collins, noted in a letter to sector organisations, there is no supply side issue. Indeed, when the programme comes back to the board for review this year, we are likely to move the goal posts from 40% minimum to gender equity.

Women on Boards awards

Great work from the sector at the Women on Boards celebration taking out half the categories. Read more. 

Revision to the Nine Steps to Effective Governance

Several years since the third edition and time for an update. Very much welcome your suggestions on changes, additions, focus areas, etc. Send to 

Some of the areas under consideration are: 

  • Changes in the legal and regulatory environment.
  • Emerging structures, Sportsvilles, cooperatives, etc.
  • Stronger focus on the “job of the board”
  • Section on emerging high level strategic challenges in sport and recreation
  • Cross referencing to new tools and resources especially the Governance Mark process

How to be a good board chair

Good Harvard Business Review article derived from 104 interviews across 31 countries. Read the article. 

The tenure debate

There is a limit on tenure for board chairs (9 years) under the new UK code of governance. Read the article.

A great opportunity

SportNZ is looking for someone to continue our great work in the governance space. After nearly 14 years John Page is moving on at the end of June, so we are looking for the new improved model.

This is essentially a senior consulting role dealing directly with boards, key stakeholders and a range of third party consultants.

Sound knowledge of governance, experience in the non-profit sector and a good understanding of strategic planning are essential.

For further information and to apply, please visit Seek.