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Vaccination guidance for the sport and recreation sector

Updated January 2022

Vaccination guidance for the sport and recreation sector

Updated January 2022


This guidance sets out the current position on vaccinations under the COVID-19 Protection Framework. Please note that it can be subject to change.

There are three parts to this guidance:

  • Part One – Vaccinations for workers – this covers the implications of the government mandates for workers in the health and education sectors, as well as guidance for organisations with workers not covered by those mandates about how to develop their own vaccination policies
  • Part Two - Requirements for visitors to your facility and/or participants in your events - Organisations are entitled to mandate vaccines for any third party who enters their facility (e.g. contractors, visitors, spectators), or enters an event that they are running (e.g. participants). They can do this by making vaccination a condition of entry – no risk assessment is required. There are, however, other factors you may wish to take into account and a process that you may wish to follow to develop your position. 
  • Part Three – the COVID-19 Protection Framework - In December 2021, we transitioned from the alert level system to the new Covid-19 Protection Framework. A key feature of this framework is the use of My Vaccine Passes (MVPs) which are mandatory for certain activities/sectors. Where MVPs are mandatory or required, all workers must also be vaccinated.

More detailed information on each of these areas is provided in the attached resource. This guidance is designed to help organisations develop their policies in relation to vaccinations for visitors to their facilities, entrants to their events and for their own staff and volunteers. The guidance is not legal advice.

Organisations will need to consider their own position based on their individual context and may wish to seek further advice from public health, health and safety experts and independent legal advice if they require further support.

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