Official Information Releases

As announced by Hon Hipkins, Minister for State Services on 18 September 2018, Cabinet Papers will be proactively released within 30 days following a Cabinet decision. This is part of the Government’s wider plan to improve openness and reflects its commitment to the international Open Government Partnership.

Listed below, by date released, are documents that have been released proactively by Sport NZ, including Cabinet Papers.

22 November 2018: Cabinet Paper – Sport Integrity Review – Release of Consultation Document

18 December 2018: State Sector Inquiry into the Use of External Security Consultations

5 June 2019: International Anti-Doping Roundtable meeting (8 March 2019)

27 June 2019: Diversity and Inclusion at Sport NZ 

17 April 2020: New Zealand Professional Clubs – Summary Report

16 May 2020: Sport NZ COVID-19 Financial Impact Analysis Summary