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Details of Governance and Organisational review

Across Sport NZ and High Performance Sport NZ

Details of Governance and Organisational review

Across Sport NZ and High Performance Sport NZ

16 April 2021

Details have today been released of the Governance and Organisational Review of the Sport NZ Group (Sport NZ and High Performance Sport NZ) first signalled in February. The purpose of the Review is to recommend a fit-for-purpose governance, structural and operating model that can most effectively deliver the strategic visions of both organisations, while also offering the best and most efficient support structure for the sector.

The respective strategies for Sport NZ and High Performance Sport NZ are not within the scope of the Review. 

The Review will be led by an Advisory Group of eight people chaired by David Howman, former Director General of the World Anti-Doping Agency. This group also includes individuals with strong knowledge of the play, active recreation and sport system, from grass roots to elite sport, an understanding of the wider context of Government and business operating models.   Sport NZ Group Chair Bill Moran and Chief Executive Raelene Castle will be ex-officio members of the Advisory Group. 

An independent agency will be appointed by Sport NZ in consultation with the Advisory Group Chairperson.  The role of the agency will be to undertake analysis and provide options for consideration by the Advisory Group, leading to recommendations around preferred approaches for the future. The Sport NZ Board in consultation with the HPSNZ Board will decide on any final recommendation.

The Terms of Reference provide more information around all aspects of the Review. 

“We’ve acknowledged we operate inside a sector that is changing, partly due to COVID-19, but also because of the inevitable shift that occurs as we chart a pathway to the future,” says Sport NZ Chief Executive Raelene Castle, who will also take over as acting Chief Executive of High Performance Sport NZ following the departure of Michael Scott on 23 April. 

“We believe that, as a crown entity, it is  important we lead the way in evolving, strengthening and adapting, both to execute strategy but also to better support the sector and system in which we operate. 

Raelene Castle acknowledges that the Review will commence at the apex of an Olympic and Paralympic cycle but says that those preparations remain a top priority.   

“This review will involve opportunities for extensive consultation for our partners, staff and key stakeholders, as we search for the optimum structure to deliver effectively over the next 10 years,” she says.  

A full timeline for the Review will be produced once the independent agency is appointed, however it is expected that the end-to-end process could take up to six months. 

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