Balance is Better Champion: Lara Andrews

Lara Andrews, New Zealand Softballer, talks about her role as a Sport New Zealand Balance is Better Champion…

“I was living in the States for a number of years, playing softball professionally and studying. That was pretty amazing for a kid from Petone, and so I understand why young athletes see a career for themselves playing sport. But it was a shock to come home and see how things have changed… 

Image credit: Photosport

“I was into softball at age 9 and I first represented New Zealand at age 15, but I was playing as many other sports as I could and learned a range of skills as a result. Now, the pressure is on kids to pick a sport and stick to it from an early age. It is a world-wide trend, but it is not beneficial for kids’ holistic development. 

“I know from my study that the attitude of families to sport is impacting children’s development, especially their confidence and competence.  And so it’s an honour to be part of this programme: an opportunity to share my experience and my research and encourage people to adopt a balance is better approach.” 

Lara Andrews is a softballer. She recently celebrated her 50th International test cap for the White Sox at the 2018 Women’s softball championships. She was the first New Zealand female softballer to go Pro in the U.S. Professional Fastpitch League. 

Lara is currently working on her PhD through the University of Delaware. 

She is of Māori, Rarotongan and Pākehā descent.