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Lara Andrews on improving youth sport

Video transcript

[Lara Andrews speaking]

What excites me about being a Balance is Better Champion is being able to be involved in the change, and being involved in a system that helps young people develop holistically.

What I hope to achieve as a Balance is Better Champion is being involved in a movement that supports positive youth development for children in sport.

Playing multiple sport as a young person really helped me develop a whole range of technical skills and physical skills, but also gave me the opportunity to be in front of different coaches with different philosophies and different ways of doing things. And I feel that through all of those experiences it made me a better softball player.

At age 19 I started to specialise more in softball because I got a contract to play in university in America, which meant I was binded into just playing that one sport. But during that time I was playing pick-up tennis and a little bit of soccer in the backyard as well so I never ever just played one sport at one time.

The Balance is Better philosophy fits with my personal journey as I feel that I’m always trying to live a balanced lifestyle, through my sporting career, through my life and also through my mani and work, and through my education.

My message to young people is just to enjoy yourself and have fun, enjoy the moment and enjoy the safe environment where you’re able to succeed and fail. It’s a space where young people, like yourself, can fail…and it doesn’t matter.

So, you know, continue to play, continue to challenge yourself and just have a great time. 

I would say to young people that sport can provide you with an environment with mentors, peers, relationships, and also teach you the skills to help you in life.

My message to parents is to take a step back and to have a conversation with your child around what they want from you in sports. To really engage and understand what their expectations are, and what they need from you in sport, because there may be a disconnect between the parent and the child, and just having conversations like that can really help you as a parent and guide you into what your child wants and needs in sport.

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