Connecting Coaches Webinars

Register for 'Transforming character strengths into productive results' with Dr Ralph Pim on Thursday 30 April at 11am (NZT).


The Covid-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on youth sport in New Zealand, and the ability to coach and remain connected to athletes has been a new challenge for most. Through connection, collaboration and innovative ideas we can embrace the challenging times ahead and find opportunities to grow ourselves as coaches.

This is why Sport NZ has teamed up with some of the top coaches and leaders in coach development from around New Zealand and the world to bring you a webinar series called ‘Connecting Coaches’. The series will discuss a range of different topics, and give you the chance to ask your own questions.

The first in the series, ‘Transforming character strengths into productive results’ will be hosted by Andy Rogers (National Sport Development Consultant at Sport NZ) with guest speaker Dr Ralph Pim (a global expert in character and leader development through sport) on Thursday 30 April at 11am (NZT).

The webinar will help you to understand:

  • Character strengths and social-emotional skills and why they’re important in developing athletes
  • What the most important character components are that lead to success and wellbeing
  • Strategies to convert these into productive behaviours, no matter what the situation is.

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